Jesus Pattern Son

Jesus Pattern Son

History of the Latter Rain

May 27, 2020

Although probably many of the members of the “Sam Fife – Body of Christ- Move of God” do not know it, their doctrine and methods largely came from the Latter Rain, a movement started in North Battleford Saskatchewan in 1948. They started as a prophetic movement, had five fold ministries, used typological preaching, and had conventions on the holidays. George Hawtin and George Warnock where among the leaders. They still exist. I relate just a bit about the history of the founding here.
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About GEORGE R. HAWTIN – Kingdom Resources

Widely acknowledged as a “father of the latter rain movement,” along with his brothers Ernest and Phillip, George Hawtin was a popular teacher and expositor, traveling and teaching Bible Truth both near and far.

Also, this site gives an address to obtain books: :The writings of George Hawtin and A. P. Adams are available from:  Treasures of Truth P.O. Box 99 Eagle, Idaho  83616  USA
The Official Site of the Writings of George H Warnock

Welcome to the personal website of George H Warnock, servant of the Lord Jesus. This website was set up years ago by dedicated volunteers who desired to have this exclusive site for books and writings authored by George H Warnock. Although he had never been on the internet himself, he authorized this website to be produced, creating a forum for all of his books to be freely available online.
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