JesusHacked: Storytelling Faith

JesusHacked: Storytelling Faith

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105 – Baptism is not a one-time event
October 17, 2018

Willow’s story of coming out as trans, to her faith community and pastor, and their walk together. And how baptism represents the dying of the old life and coming to the new. Dan Handschy: As we’re talking this season about the theme of baptism and bap...

104-Baptism calls every Christian to the margins
August 27, 2018

In episode 104, we continue our two-part series with a lay and clergy person called in discernment to an Anglican religious order. Today host Barbi Click speaks with the Rev. Maria Evans, MD. She’s currently the interim assistant priest at two parishes...

103 Hearing God’s call–but not to ordination
August 16, 2018

In episode 103, JesusHacked podcast continues our focus on baptism, and discerning a deeper call to ministry, but not necessarily to ordination. It’s the first of two conversations with a novitiate and a companion in an Anglican religious order,

102 Baptism: Getting Personal
August 06, 2018

What happens at our baptism? What it was like for the ancient Christians? How can we, today, understand our worship through the lens of baptism–and does it make a difference? It’s a topsy-turvy JesusHacked podcast where producer Beth Felice interviews ...

101 Beginning Season Two with a focus on Baptism
August 01, 2018

Welcome to our second season of JesusHacked podcast. We’ve a special focus on Baptism this season, and what better way to start out than a conversation with Bishop Wayne Smith and podcast host Dan Handschy.

033 Midwifery with the Yazidi
January 31, 2018

Our guest is Jane Drichta, co founder of the Global Motherhood Initiative. She’s a midwife and public health advocate who has recently been working with Yazidi women and has developed a woman-centered model for traumatized populations,

032 Becoming Beloved Community: the labyrinth
January 25, 2018

In this special episode we hear the second part of the Rev. Charles Wynder, Jr. conversation with the annual gathering of the diocese at convention. He breaks down the labyrinth image, and it’s four quadrants as they relate to Becoming Beloved Communit...

031 Becoming Beloved Community: the context
January 25, 2018

In this special episode we hear from the Rev. Charles Wynder, Jr. He’s the presiding bishop’s Staff Officer for Social Justice and Advocacy Engagement.This past November he spoke to the annual gathering of the diocese at convention on Becoming Beloved ...

030 Journey: one church’s conversation about full LGBT inclusion
November 30, 2017

  This episode comes from Christ Church in Cape Girardeau and members Stephanie Miller, Chris Masters, and James Boyer talk with host Harry Leip about how their church began and continues the conversation on embracing its LGBT members,

029 From felt church mice to ministry
November 21, 2017

Calvary Church in Columbia has a light hearted ministry that raises thousands each year for the community –for food pantries, gardens, social justice organizations and some church outreach ministry. And it’s all built around hand-made felt church mice,...