Jay and Jack's Ramblecast

Jay and Jack's Ramblecast

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Ramblecast Returns: Jay and Jack are Back!
July 14, 2022

With most of the RCAD Hosts out on vacation, Jay returns alongside Jack to have a classic Ramblecast Reunion! Classic segments return like Movie Pics, Vs. and more!Become a Patron at www.patreon.c

Ramblecast: Announcement
December 13, 2018

Jack announces that the Ramblecast crew is giving the people what they want.

Ramblecast Ep. 11.7: “Believe It or Not, It's Beretta"
November 02, 2018

JP's back! and I think it's safe to say that Nick and JP are not the new Simon & Garfunkel. Matt is failing us horribly as a Man in the High Castle viewer... Shame, Shame! Honestly, how many people really know what Beretta is? Jack is TRIGGERED. JP...

Ramblecast Ep. 11.6: “I'm With Sam"
October 24, 2018

Ever wonder what it would sound like to sing the same song, but in four different ways? Well, you’re in luck! Let’s Play Ball! This is an interesting episode, in that for once the guys tend to stay on one related topic…. well sort of. Chris introduces...

Ramblecast Ep. 11.5: “Good Morning Miss Bliss, Good Night Career"
October 09, 2018

While Nick is away, the guys have a special guest, Mr. Lee's Neighbor. Join Chris, Matt, Jack and ? on their quest through an 80's nostalgic haze of Saved by the Bell, Space Shuttle Challenger, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, He-Man, and Rocky. Jack...

Ramblecast Ep. 11.4: “The Devil's Triangle"
October 03, 2018

Licking stamps, strange 80s voices, security cameras…you know… the Devil’s Triangle… Meanwhile, Matt draws us like one of his French girls. Chris makes a mind-blowing video game discovery, Jack reminisces about blacking out in his neighborhood so no...

Ramblecast Ep. 11.3: “Hot Nuts are Phenomenal!"
September 27, 2018

Ramblecast Forever! How do you like your nuts? Single, double, or triple? Whole, crushed, or buttered? Oh Jack, you neaderthal… the ladies always want the 14-inch. How much would you pay to taste a discontinued food? …Cran…berry…sauce… Links:...

Ramblecast Ep. 11.2: “It's Nut Juice"
September 20, 2018

Welcome to the Ramblecast! In this episode, the boys reminisce about the good ole day before paying for video gaming and smoking on planes and in bars. Jack marks himself “safe,” although he technically doesn’t know how to mark himself safe, during...

Ramblecast Ep. 11.1: “Taco John’s Dragon Con"
September 06, 2018

Don’t you forget about Matt… or Glatfelter… Glatfelter… Glatfelter… Who won the Vs.??? Forgotten Michael Keaton, have you seen The Dream Team? Chris has a love for his new Jeep, but just the tip. Seven degrees of Fat Pratt or JFK… you decide. Well…...

Ramblecast Ep. 10.45: “What Ever Happened to…TUBS?!?"
August 30, 2018

"Play it again for me, Nick." Nick plays a song and we congratulate Matt on becoming the 5th of Broad.We also discuss aging not so gracefully, man-head," and have a segment that never ends. We IMDB