Don't Get the Soup

Don't Get the Soup

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50 Mercury in Gatorade
January 24, 2022

What is Mercury in Retrograde and why is it ruining Miles' plans? Also: Grandparent bait-and-switch, and John's got new meds!

49 The Morality of Immortality
January 18, 2022

Would an AI clone of your consciousness be evil? ...and would it really be "you"?

48 Year in Review 2021
December 25, 2021

Miles and Beckee compare expectations vs reality for the year 2021

47 Physical Therapy for Smelling
December 14, 2021

How to train your sense of smell to come back after losing it to COVID-19 or because you got punched really hard.

46 Hot Coffee Lawsuit
November 21, 2021

That dumb hot coffee lawsuit wasn't as dumb as you think, Miles has superhuman hearing, and we should all agree to pretend that fake diamonds are real.

45 The Vapes of Wrath
November 15, 2021

The gang gets edgy, medical procedures that went away for good reason, and a firsthand encounter with the Time Knife.

44 Llamageddon Drinking Game
November 08, 2021

Season Two starts now! Miles took a sketch comedy writing class, there's a fun drinking game to go along with the movie Llamageddon, and hear the long slow goodbye to a beat up old car.

47 The Goose Is a Bastard
September 14, 2021

All gooses are bastards, especially the Canadian ones, but one goose in p-articular really gets OUR goose. Also, Miles is dead so Charlie from Memphis fills in until corpse reanimation technology catc

46 Stripping is Forbidden in Cincinnati
September 07, 2021

Join us for GAME NIGHT 10/9/21! Play Jackbox games with the DGTS crew and listeners. Send us a DM on Instagram @dontgetthesoup or on Twitter @fakerealmiles to get the details!

45 How Tarot Works
August 23, 2021

Miles does 10 Card readings for Beckee and John, then explains how a tarot reading actually works - even if you don't believe in it!