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A World to Win: Remembering David Graeber with Astra Taylor, Jerome Roos, and James Schneider

September 09, 2020

A World to Win is a new podcast from Grace Blakeley and Tribune bringing you a weekly dose of socialist news, theory and action with guests from around the world. In this episode, Grace speaks to Astra Taylor, Jerome Roos and James Schneider about their memories of the brilliant anthropologist and activist David Graeber, who tragically died last week.

David Graeber was the author of many books, including Debt: The First 5,000 Years and Bullshit Jobs, and was also seminal in the early development of Occupy Wall Street.

Here, his legacy is discussed by filmmaker Astra Taylor, academic Jerome Roos, and former Corbyn staffer James Schneider, each of whom were influenced by his life and work.

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