Jacobin [old feed]

Jacobin [old feed]

The Dig: Daniel Denvir interviewed by Astra Taylor

January 23, 2020

Daniel Denvir shamelessly interviewed on his own podcast by Astra Taylor about All-American Nativism.


Upcoming events:


1/24 All-American Nativism Brooklyn book launch with Aziz Rana facebook.com/events/606979320053356/


1/27 Race for Profit: A Conversation with Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor [Live Dig interview in Providence] facebook.com/events/1416403061860397/


1/28 Rhode Island Students for Bernie Kickoff Rally with Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor and Linda Sarsour facebook.com/events/618607768707911/


Book tour (more to be announced soon!):


1/31 Providence facebook.com/events/2432419893664520/


2/24 Philly facebook.com/events/462775997752533/


2/26 DC at solidstatebooksdc.com


2/28 Baltimore facebook.com/events/509390186368309/


3/4 Boston at tridentbookscafe.com


3/11 New Orleans: All-American Nativism and A Planet to Win double book event with Thea Riofrancos at octaviabooks.com


3/17 Austin at monkeywrenchbooks.org


3/18 Dallas at deepvellum.org