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The Vast Majority: "The Case for Open Borders" with Suzy Lee

May 28, 2019

What should the Left say about borders? Free flow of people across borders has always been a key topic for leftists, perhaps never more so than right now — especially given the realities of climate change. Some on the Left advance a maximalist demand of completely open borders; others (including, recently, Sen. Bernie Sanders) argue that social-democratic policies like Medicare for All require some restriction on the flow of people who can enter a country and access those goods.

Suzy Lee is no fan of the latter argument. In "The Case for Open Borders" in the Winter 2019 issue of our journal Catalyst, she argues that the Left can't give any credence to restrictionist arguments by accepting the need to restrict people from entering the US or any other country.

You can read Suzy Lee's essay "The Case for Open Borders" here: https://catalyst-journal.com/vol2/no4/the-case-for-open-borders

You can also read Daniel Denvir's piece in Jacobin, "How Bernie Should Talk About Borders": https://www.jacobinmag.com/2019/04/bernie-sanders-immigrant-rights-border-policy

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