I Used To Watch This?

I Used To Watch This?

Latest Episodes

The Twilight Zone - William Shatner Episodes
October 19, 2021

We are talking about the Nick of Time and Nightmare at 20,000 Feet episodes of The Twilight Zone that featured William Shatner. We figured since he went to space recently we should do something that

CHiPs - Trick or Trick
October 05, 2021

Ponch and Jon love halloween so much they scare a kid enough to runaway, catch a ghostly robber and bust a lady stealing candy.

Scarecrow and Mrs. King - The First Time
September 14, 2021

Scarecrow is a spy. Mrs. King is not. But, she gets caught in the middle of a mission and ends up helping solve a case.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979)
August 31, 2021

Buck Rogers is a man from the 20th Century who gets frozen in his spaceship and makes it back to Earth but in the 25th Century. And boy have things changed.

Fantasy Island - 2021 and Charlie's Cherubs
August 17, 2021

We talk a bit about the Fantasy Island reboot and then break down and episode from 1978.

Quincy - Go Fight City Hall...To Death
August 03, 2021

Quincy is a Medical Examiner who gets too close to the case. This causes problems with his boss, the police and his girlfriend.

Kojak - Siege of Terror
July 20, 2021

Who loves ya, baby? Kojak does, he's a tough talking, no nonsense cop trying to clean up this city. This episode also include Harvey Keitel as a bank robber and hostage taker.

Magnum P.I. - Mr. White Death
July 06, 2021

Magnum is hired to help a wrestler find his son. But, of course, all isn't as it seems.

Charlie's Angels - Unidentified Flying Angels
June 22, 2021

The Angels come in peace to take down a con man who is ripping people off while promising some special time with "space people." Oh, and he might have also murdered someone.

Stingray - 1985
June 03, 2021

Ray is a mysterious guy with a cool car. He helps out people in trouble in return for a favor sometime in the future.