I Used To Watch This?

I Used To Watch This?

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Miami Vice - Smuggler's Blues
July 01, 2020

This Miami Vice episode is about a song. Well, actually it's about the story within a song by Glenn Fry. And funny enough, Glenn Fry guest stars in this episode. Crocket and Tubbs go to Colombia to buy some drugs while undercover so someone else can kidna

Special Interview - Paul LaGreca
June 22, 2020

We have a special interview for you today. Paul LaGreca worked on Knight Rider, Whiz Kids, Airwolf or Big Trouble back in the 80s and now he has a memoir out chronicling is life in acting and faith. Take a listen!

The Fall Guy - Child's Play
June 16, 2020

Colt Seavers and company have to help a little girl stay safe from some mafia guys. Or, maybe drug dealers. It's not very clear. Either way, the girl turns out to be almost more than they can handle.

June 09, 2020

Maddie Hayes is a famous model. David Addison is a fast-talking private detective. In this pilot for Moonlighting they come together after Maddie's business manager steals all her money and she has to liquidate all her assets. One of them happens to be a

Remington Steele
June 03, 2020

This is a story about a woman who opens a detective agency under the name of a man who doesn't exist, but then some guy comes in and takes that identity. Make sense? It might after you listen to this. Hopefully.

Shazam! - 1974
May 25, 2020

This week we follow Billy Batson (who becomes Captain Marvel) and his Mentor as they travel the roads to look for some kids in trouble. These kids are going too "borrow" a car and one of the group doesn't think it is such a good idea. Why do we need a sup

May 14, 2020

Phineas Bogg is a Voyager. Voyagers go through time and fix things in history to make sure they turn out right. Somehow Phineas falls into Jeffery's 1982 high rise and they lose his guidebook as they end up in ancient Egypt. Luckily Jeffery is a history w

Hill Street Blues
May 06, 2020

This week we look at the Hill Street precinct of an unknown big city as they try to grapple with life and crime. We have a large cast of characters. Maybe a bit too much to keep track of in the first few minutes, but that is life in the Big City police st

The Rockford Files - Say Goodbye to Jennifer
April 27, 2020

Mitch comes to ask Jim for help finding a missing model. Mitch may or may not be in love with her and she may or may not have killed someone. Then, she might have died in an accident. You have to listen to see if all these loose ends get tied up.

Knight Rider - Goliath
April 20, 2020

Michael Knight finds out he has an evil twin of sorts, Garthe, and his twin is out for revenge for Michael taking over his face. Also, for some reason the widow of the man who started the whole foundation, and also Garthe's mom is in on the whole evil plo