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The Last One
May 03, 2016

This is a good one, you might even cry.

Episode 15 - California Misións
March 01, 2016

Today I get into the bells on the El Camino Real …

Episode 14 - Bourne Fests and Sea Ranch
February 08, 2016

This week I talk about Bourne fests and opposed t…

Episode 13 - The Sugar in the Bowl!
January 19, 2016

My friend Dave Herbert and I took a day trip to T…

Episode 12 - Whitney and Bowie and the Biltmore
January 11, 2016

This episode is about Whitney and Bowie and the B…

Episode 11 - Albany Bulb with Janelle and Brandon as your Audio Tour Hosts!
December 15, 2015

Two pretty rad friends helped me out this week by…

Episode 10 - Banjo Solos in an Abandoned Train Station
December 08, 2015

There is a hulking mass of real estate in West Oa…

Episode 9 - They Gave Up the Ship
November 17, 2015

We have our first sponsor message this week! Than…

Episode 8 - Ellie talks about Jewish Wedding Music and Walt Disney Symphony Hall
November 10, 2015

This week's podcast has grammy winning music, arc…

Episode 5 - Treasure Island Music Festival
October 20, 2015

This week's episode comes to you from Treasure Is…