It's Haunted...What Now?

It's Haunted...What Now?

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S1:E15 – I Didn’t Know Trevor Was Here…& More
August 30, 2019

This episode has some really long stories in it and, since you’ve been patient with the release of episodes, i thought i would treat you to an episode that is a little longer than usual.  Thank you to the following submissions: DestineeJack Andrew D [r...

S1:E14 – I Don’t Know Why, But Things Are Super Paranormal In Mexico
August 07, 2019

I have been wanting to do an episode all on Mexican Folklore and experiences. I’ve shared some of my families in the past and now – it’s time for other listeners to get their time in the spooky spotlight – of course,

S1:E13 – Doors Opening & Nightmares Weren’t Even The Beginning & More…
June 24, 2019

Haunted homes, hotels, and apartments are some of my favorite stories to read. Why? You may ask. It’s because Home is where the heart is…. Except, your home slash heart is now haunted. Thank you to the following listeners for submitting their spooky ta...

S1:E12 – I Think He Lived in My Closet or Something & More…
June 07, 2019

Creepy Kids…Ouija Boards… WHY do people play these games with spirits? Thank you to the following listeners for submitting their spooky tales: Hinzmo RUUEXPERIENCED Bumpkin Witch Baylee Ok, well that wraps up this episode.

S1:E11 – Where is the Party?
March 15, 2019

Kids say the weirdest things don’t they? Yeah, they also experience some creepy things! Thank you to the following listeners for submitting their spooky tales: REDFOLLY XATHIEL POETICFLOWERS Gina Elisa P Krissy D Ok, well that wraps up this episode.

S1:E10: Is Jimmy OK?? & More….
February 19, 2019

Ready to get spooked with the latest episode of the show? The following have submitted stories for the latest episode: AntoinetteNoahLeslieJimmyJanine MScott V If you like what you hear – be sure to leave a positive review on Apple Podcasts or your pod...

S1:E9 – They’re Baaaack & More
January 17, 2019

We’re back and ready for the new year! You know, these stories are incredibly spooky! I’m so anxious for you to hear this new episode and share your thoughts with me! Make sure you submit your stories to or https://hauntedpod.

S1:E8 – The Dolls Mouth Didn’t Move Like it Normally Did & More…
November 20, 2018

Episode 8 touches on various paranormal happenings. I even share a personal story about how my fear of dolls even began…. Thank you to the following listeners for submitting their stories: Michelle M. Momento Mori Beckstam QuietlyAnxious   If you’d lik...

S1:E7 – Happy Halloween
October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween! As we welcome this spooktacular episode, we would like to thank the following contributors: Vicky, UrMumGuey, Mike Morford, AlpinSchimmer, Low Gravitas Alert, Madelents, Twisted Missy, & MegasawrusREX Until next time,

S1:E6 – As Long As It Is With Me, Everyone Else is Safe…
October 14, 2018

Ready to get spooked? On this episode, you’ll hear about encounters with Ouija boards that brought NOTHING but trouble to the users. There are safe ways to use the Ouija board but, these users might have bit off more than they could chew.