In This Ring Wrestling Podcast

In This Ring Wrestling Podcast

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Episode 194 - Motor City Madness
August 03, 2023

Joe previews WWE SummerSlam, recaps some amazing FTR matches and the Adam Cole MJF Love Fest Bay Bay!

Episode 193 - Bank Statement
July 05, 2023

Joe Pisapia reviews WWE Money In the Bank and the aftermath, as well as AEW's identity crisis.

Episode 192 - Collision Repair
June 27, 2023

Joe gives his review of AEW's new show Collision and previews WWE Money In The Bank!

Episode 191 - Back in the Saddle
June 07, 2023

Joe is back to review the Bloodline drama, WWE Night of Champions, AEW Double or Nothing and the passing of the legendary Iron Sheik.

Episode 190 - My Nightmare
April 05, 2023

Joe recaps WrestleMania 39 and the biggest whiff in WWE history.

Episode 189 - WrestleMania 39 Preview
March 28, 2023

Joe previews a top heavy, but important, WrestleMania 39 card and the latest AEW drama with CMP Punk.

Episode 188 - Bloodlines Drawn
February 26, 2023

Joe recaps a sensational WWE Elimination Chamber and the aftermath, addresses Kenny Omega rumors and AEW's declining ratings.

Episode 187 - Montreal Screw Job 2.0
February 15, 2023

Joe previews WWE Elimination Chamber and the brilliance of steering into the skid of Cody Rhodes and Sami Zayn. Plus MJF goes one step too far and remembering Jerry Jarrett.

Episode 186 - Bloodline Broken
February 02, 2023

Joe and guest Brian Drake breakdown the WWE Royal Rumble and the fallout!

Episode 185 - Rumblin' Rhodes
January 25, 2023

Joe brings in guest Brian Drake to talk Royal Rumble Preview, WWE RAWXXX and AEW.