It Aint Weak to Speak with Sam Webb

It Aint Weak to Speak with Sam Webb

#3 Anxiety Isn't Weakness

April 05, 2020

I’m excited to bring you a new segment on the podcast called Webbs of Wisdom (WoW). These bite sized episodes under 10 minutes are are designed to bring you nuggets of wisdom that I have learnt along the way that could help you on the fly.

For decades anyone who felt depressed or struggled with anxiety was thought to be weak. We have been living in a society and culture that supported this “suck it up” and “man up” culture which is extremely unhealthy and not at all what is needed. I’m here today to remind you that anxiety does not make you weak in any way, shape or form. Expressing your emotions, understanding when you’re feeling anxious and working on your mental strength are all topics I discuss on the podcast today.

It’s important to understand that working on your mental strength requires just as much practice and repetition as your physical strength. Both need to be supported in the same way, and both need your attention in order to achieve the results you’re working towards.

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