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IT Marketing Podcast

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Our Most Popular MSP Marketing Blogs of 2016
February 20, 2017

Our top 10 MSP marketing posts from 2016 is like getting a condensed session of expert marketing advice for free.

How to Set Your Monthly Sales Target
February 20, 2017

Calculate what your monthly sales quota should be with realistic numbers..

Copy/Paste These 12 Headlines to Sell More IT Security Services
February 20, 2017

Use these headlines in your marketing campaigns to get prospects to see themselves in a realistic scenario rather than thinking they're immune.

Update Your IT Website: New MSP Website Content Kit Available
November 14, 2016

If you've thought about updating your MSP website, here's how you can get it done in the next 1 hour. For content, just copy and paste the pre-written pages from our MSP Website Content Pack into your website pages. It works great with Wordpress, Wix,...

How to Find Prospects That Are Just Like Your Best Clients
November 02, 2016

Think of your top 5 clients. They don't give you headaches. They pay their bills on time. They are easy to work with. They are your best clients for a good reason. Wouldn't it be nice if you could find more clients just like them? Here's how to do it.

Fall 2016 MSP Marketing Action Items
October 21, 2016

Copy/paste this text and email it to your contacts to get sales conversations started fairly quickly. Plus, see our many other fall MSP marketing ideas.

How to Convince a Prospect That They Really Need IT Help
September 26, 2016

Have you ever seen a prospect that you know needs your help, but they just don't seem to understand how bad their IT is? Here's how start a conversation with them in a friendly, productive way, plus position your company as the one who can help them.

New Marketing Kit: How to Protect Against Ransomware
September 12, 2016

Generate new IT leads using our new "How to Protect Against Ransomware Marketing Kit." It gives you the educational tools and resources you need to build a reputation within your target market as the "go to" expert for protection against ransomware. 

Why You Shouldn't Call Yourself a Managed Service Provider
August 22, 2016

Should you call your IT company a "managed service provider?" Here's a data-driven answer, plus what you should call yourself based on the top Google searches for IT companies.

August 2016 MSP Marketing Action Items
August 10, 2016

August is an ideal time to get your marketing in gear. This is often a time when business might be a little slow because of vacation schedules. Take some time off to recharge your batteries and relax, but also use the time to outline your tactics for...