Is This a Podcast?

Is This a Podcast?

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Episode 24: Toast
May 30, 2011

toast. do you eat it? do you sell it on ebay? are you haunted by it? how do YOU make french toast? ON YOUR STOVE IN A PAN!??

Episode 23: The Wise Brothers of Exploding Wisdom
May 03, 2011

We guarantee you will enjoy overcoming the hardship of listening to episode 23 of Is This a Podcast. In fact, you may even be moved to write a poem about it. In your head. So cash in your mustard coupons and download this bad boy post haste!

Episode 22: Bedazzled Origami Hot Dogs
April 19, 2011

We're back and bedazzling vicious creatures in awhirlwind of blackbelt origami mastery. After a week away, we are rested and raring to go. Our comedy guns are blazing! No rust to be found here! No sir! Only gold. Once you listen, you'll see that thi

Episode 21: The Cusp is Cusping
April 05, 2011

How does one follow one's twentieth anniversary edition podcast episode? By posting Episode 21 and blowing the doors off of the podcasting community with such a fierce and wonderful episode, people won't even remember the first twenty! THAT'S HOW!@# Th

Episodio Veinte: Aniversario de la Edición
March 29, 2011

Ulnar nerves are frayed and Bonebrain man might be back in this week's Is This a Podcast! Listen in wonder as our brains and likely yours as well zoom zoom off to a land wherein they can roam free and have a gladiatorial good time without having to worry

Episode 19: Bulky Breakfast-O’s
March 22, 2011

Leave the poopstick at home boys and girls, you won't be needing it for this week's Is This a Podcast! You will definitely need it at other times though, so even if you leave it at home right now you should remember where you left it for when you need it

Episode 18: If U Die While Listening We Care
March 14, 2011

Podcast 18 is an unprecedented rampage of topic list annihilation. This podcast is so jam-packed with topical topicality, you might keel over dead. But rest assured that if you do, we care that you did. Do you also care when drive thru people talk to yo

Episode 17: My Good Friend Stubbly
March 08, 2011

We were given some brilliant insight about keys and what locks they don't open and we in turn pass this knowledge along to you, the listener. You're welcome. Are you expecting a child? If so or even if that prospect might be in some future time of yours,

Episode 16: Shouting Brown Things
February 28, 2011

Allow us at Is This a Podcast to guide you through these murky waters. Did you think we were done lambasting the hand sanitizer epidemic the world currently faces? Because we aren't done. We talk about it some more in this podcast. And it is awesome and

Episode 15: Jerk Clouds
February 21, 2011

Curious about the suckling habits of many various assorted things? OF COURSE YOU ARE!? Ever wonder what sort of god the sun worships? ONLY ALL THE TIME! Can't decide what kind of meat to order from NEVER FEAR!@# All this and more is enlight