Iso-chats: Theology

Iso-chats: Theology

Preaching the Pastoral Epistles

February 13, 2021

Principles and ideas for preaching the biblical books of 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy and Titus (the “Pastoral Epistles”). A one-hour audio seminar.

Photo by Joseph d’Mello on Unsplash

Originally given as a Moore College Women’s Chapel preachers’ training seminar.


The easiest and the hardest biblical books to preach

* Why the easiest?* Why the hardest?

Our modern audiences: encouraging and challenging

* The preacher* The self-satisfied social conservatives* The social revolutionaries* Jesus needs to be central

Situation matters, but situation is not king

* 1 Timothy: against false teaching that emphasises words and spirituality rather than this-world present-day on-the-ground morality* 2 Timothy: persecution and opposition* Titus: how to establish ministry in a new and morally dubious situation* But don’t let your view of situation override the text

Always remember Jesus Christ (avoid moralism)

* Jesus is everywhere* The temptation towards moralism* “How and why is Jesus Christ the reason here?”

Don’t be lazy in your application

* Mistake 1: Apply every word as if our situation is exactly the same as the original hearers* Mistake 2: Make everything a matter of abstract “principle” so that none of the details apply to us* Mistake 3: Neglect application to specific situations of the people in your audience

Apologetics is your servant, not your goal

* Apologetics is the wrong goal* Apologetics is a good servant