Iso-chats: Theology

Iso-chats: Theology

Jacob: Scoundrel, wrestler and ancestor of Christ, with Philip Kern @ Moore College

May 21, 2020

The figure of Jacob, in the pages of the Old Testament book of Genesis, is a fascinating character. The man who became known as “Israel” was in so many ways a scoundrel, yet he received God’s superabundant blessing, and through him and his descendant Jesus Christ, that blessing came to all the nations of the earth. The Jacob narrative provides a richness and depth to our biblical theology which helps us move beyond two-dimensional pictures of God and his dealing with humanity. However, despite this wealth of insight, the Jacob narrative has received relatively little attention in biblical scholarship.

I speak with Dr Philip Kern, Head of the New Testament Department at Moore Theological College, about his forthcoming book on Jacob, and its potential for enriching those who are seeking to grow in their understanding of God and his purpose through Jesus Christ and to teach these great truths to others.


This interview is also available as a video on YouTube.