I See Hope

I See Hope

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E19 Destiny Updates – Self-Awareness Mindset
April 19, 2020

Do you know what has been hiding in your mindset? Learn how to start being self-aware and discover the facets of your mindset.  In this episode, Lori Lorenz and Wes Hamilton talk about how to wake up and smell the roses of positive possibilities during...

E18 Destiny Updates – Solutions for Celebrations
April 12, 2020

How can we come together for celebrations during a COVID-19 quarantine? Learn how we can tap our hidden talents to find solutions for celebrations. We can celebrate together even if we stand apart. Our co-host and our featured speaker is Wes Hamilton,

E17 Destiny Updates – Positive Mindset Tools
April 05, 2020

Learn how to transform the uncertainty of the COVID-19 quarantine into a new Renaissance period of peace, abundance, and love.  According to Wes Hamilton, a positive mindset is your tool to transform your life in April 2020. You may ask yourself,

E16 Destiny Updates – Creating Positive Change
March 28, 2020

How can we create positive change in our lives with the frequencies of March, the year 2020, and COVID-19? Positive change can be a side effect of creativity. Listen to stories of positive change and how people are helping each other during this high...

Episode 15 Mindfulness
March 22, 2020

Do you live in the present moment? Want more joy? Learn more about mindfulness, and how to apply simple techniques of yoga and mental health best practices to reduce stress and increase feelings of love and joy. Kathleen Michelle,

Episode 14 – Destiny Updates
March 21, 2020

Are you curious about how recent events fit into the bigger picture of humanity and life as we know it? Wes Hamilton, Chief Spiritual Officer of Core Passion Inc., brings his wisdom and insight to discuss current events and where to look for hope and o...

Episode 13 Discover Your Joy
February 21, 2020

What drives you?  When you know what motivates you, you know what brings you joy. A fast way to discover your driving forces is the Core Passion Assessment.  Even better, you find your uniqueness and your own formula for joy. I love assessments,

Episode 12 Building Your Confidence
February 03, 2020

You are worth it! When you can say it, own it, and live it, your confidence shines. Learn how building your confidence is the first step towards an amazing life.  It all begins with a decision for and commitment to self-worth.  When you can say,

Episode 11 Amp Up to Fanjoy
January 28, 2020

Ever need recharging? What gets you out of a funk? What can pry you off the depression sofa?  What makes you smile, your toe tap and your heart sing?  I believe this is the feeling of fanjoy. In Episode 11, learn how to amp up your life,

Episode 10 – Discovering Uniqueness
January 16, 2020

Are you ready to discover your uniqueness by flaunting your weakness? Sounds like you might need courage and the help of a few friends. Good news. Dave Rendall, our guest for Episode 10 is here for you. Dave Rendall’s book “The Freak Factor” dives into...