I See Hope

I See Hope

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E29 Master Your Transitions
August 23, 2020

Are you ready to let go and embrace new opportunities? Make change empowering and positive when the timing supports you. September is all about transitions. Summer is ending and fall is beginning.

E28 – Destiny Updates – Master Your Power
July 27, 2020

Have you ever felt like you lost your personal power and your life is a series of stuck spots rather than flow? Good news. You can change this. Learn how meditation, alignment, and mindfulness brings you back to a place where you can master your power ...

E27 – Destiny Updates – Mastering Your Intuition
July 01, 2020

Have you ever had a burst of insight or creativity? Is intuition your muse? It feels amazing when you are in that intuitive moment. How do you master your intuition to inspire yourself and others? Learn how intuition can work for you more often with in...

E26 Destiny Updates – Being Together
June 03, 2020

Being together also means being apart during COVID-19 and culture change. What do healthy boundaries look like in your life? How can we open up our hearts to create respect and love for each other? Learn how the energy of June 2020 encourages people to...

E25 Destiny Updates – Relationships, Freedom and Responsibility
May 17, 2020

As we pivot to getting back together, how can we be creative with relationships while balancing freedom and responsibility so we are all safe and healthy? Learn how to reframe problems into opportunities as we tweak, twist,

E24 An Infinite Love
May 11, 2020

Are you ready to start your journey toward happiness, connection, and loving yourself the most? All you need to start is a bit of advice, insight, and practical wisdom courtesy of Lisa Beck, author of An Infinite Love. Our guest today is Lisa Beck,

E23 Destiny Update – New Adventures
May 10, 2020

Are you ready to pivot to a new adventure? In May, it is a perfect time to take a risk and pursue your dreams. In week 19 of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is time to focus on doing something new for yourself. Learn how to explore and expand your dreams for...

E22 Destiny Updates – Radical Change
May 03, 2020

During times of radical change, how do you pivot your destiny to what you really want? Learn a six-step practice to awaken positivity and move through change with grace and ease. Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist and Chief Spiritual Officer of Core Pas...

E21 Destiny Updates – Pivot Your Mindset
April 26, 2020

Are you ready to realize your destiny? Sometimes a small change makes a big difference. Learn how pivoting your mindset and shifting to a global humanity point of view makes change so much easier. Wes Hamilton,

E20 Connecting with Happiness
April 20, 2020

What makes a happy person happy? Tom Glasers book, Full Heart Living Conversations with the Happiest People I Know, takes us along on his journey to find a way to be happier and more often. Lear