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IronCast Episode 04 – Hordes ADR Discussion
December 16, 2015

Download: Episode 4-IronCast   Hello Everyone! This week we have Jense joining us for Hordes ADR. Tony is absent because of his disdain for all things beastly except his own reflection. Each of us… Continue reading →

IronCast Episode 03 – Warmachine ADR
December 09, 2015

Download: Episode 3-IronCast Final Hello All! We sadly miss Jense this week, but after a brief and slightly more in depth intro about ourselves and our experiences in the game we dive into the… Continue reading →

IronCast Episode 01 – Devastation Review
October 11, 2015

Direct Download – Episode 1-IronCast Hello all! We have a full cast where we review the new Hordes: Devastation book. We skip over any previously released models to focus in on brand new additions… Continue reading →

Ironcast – Episode 00
September 27, 2015

Direct Download – Episode 00 Welcome all! This is our first show as the newly formed IrconCast Podcast. We have myself, Trent, Jense, and Steve in our previewsode where we discuss new rumors about… Continue reading →

New Beginnings? Episode 1
September 05, 2015

Download – New Meta Podcast ep 29 So after much time away this will be our first step in a joint effort to expand our podcast and blog into a wider scope. This… Continue reading →

New Meta Episode 25- U Mad Dog?
June 11, 2015

Download: Tourney Recap 00:8:50 Reckoning Discussion 00:48:00 Hello everyone! This is our longest episode yet, but to be fair if you don’t care about listening to game recaps then it is about the… Continue reading →

New Meta Episode 24: Emotional Tiers.
May 28, 2015

Download:New Meta Podcast ep 24 In this episode I, Trent, Tony, and RICK FREEMAN! talk about a recent trip to Twin Falls to play a tourney with the Tough Check crew. We also… Continue reading →

Powerpuff Haleys (WIP) by Kylie!
May 21, 2015

Introducing the Powerpuff Haleys. Sugar, spice, and everything not nice? Amazing artwork of our soon to be loved(or hated) Haley3 by Kylie Natoniewski. She would like me to make it clear this is… Continue reading →

New Battle Report Lucant vs Feora
May 02, 2015

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New Meta Podcast ep 23: Adepticon Recap
April 05, 2015

Download- Episode 23 Howdy Hey everyone! We are back from Adepticon and a little late after our original recording was attacked by grymkin. Luckily we rerecorded and give a recap of our con… Continue reading →