Latest Episodes

WONKS! Episode 9 - Politics at the Fair!
August 13, 2018

Presidents not paying for their tickets? Candidates getting booed off the stage? It’s politics as usual at the Iowa State Fair!

WONKS! Exclusive - Michael Avenatti tests the presidential waters in Iowa!
August 09, 2018

WONKS podcast Co-host Kevin Cooney talks exclusively with Avenatti about running for President, his political stands and whether Donald Trump’s presidency will last until 2020.

WONKS! Episode 8 - Sports & The Media ...and a Little Politics - Part 2
July 08, 2018

The debate continues! Is "Sports Talk Radio" shallow? Should Trump interject his feelings on "taking a knee?" Should kids emphasize one sport or play several? And so much more!  It's the political side of the sports debate, with our all-star panel!

WONKS! Episode 8 - Sports & The Media ...and a Little Politics - Part 1
June 29, 2018

Athletes and administrators and journalists, oh my! Enjoy the first of two WONKS! episodes examining the issues and relationships shared by people who cover the athletes, coach the athletes, and are the athletes.

Wee WONKS! - Bonnie Campbell on the Future of Women in Iowa Politics
June 21, 2018

Iowa's former Attorney General, and former candidate for governor, looks to the future.

Wee WONKS! - Female Groundbreakers: Journalist O. Kay Henderson and Pollster Ann Selzer
June 14, 2018

Ann Selzer and Kay Henderson were asking questions about Women & Politics on our May WONKS! show. In our latest bonus episode, they're the ones answering questions!

Wee WONKS! - Mary Kramer's Musical Interpretation of the Iowa Legislature
June 08, 2018

A career that stretches from education to business to politics also includes some musical talent. During the intermission of our recent "Women and Politics" WONKS!, this happened...

WONKS! Episode 7 - The Democrats Debate
May 31, 2018

WONKS! analyzes the Iowa Democratic Gubernatorial Debate.

WONKS! Episode 6 - Women & Politics
May 24, 2018

A look at the changing role of women in politics from those who have run for office and run political campaigns.

"Pre WONKS!" - Women & Politics
May 14, 2018

From the legislature to the campaign trail, leading female politicians and party operatives weigh in the continuing battles for gender equality.