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Content Curation Tool – Start A Fire Chrome Extension IHSP-5

April 10, 2016

This Content Curation Tool Drives Traffic to Your Website
In this episode, I want to show you the neat content curation tool called Start a Fire. You can add it as an extension through Google Chrome Store.  You must share other people’s content about 65% of the time and your content about 35% of the time.  But you don’t receive the traffic when you share other people’s content.  So the Chrome extension solves this problem. Here is the video tutorial.

Start a Fire Link and Links Sites that Integrate to Start A Fire
Start A Fire Chrome Extension 
Hootsuite Social Media Manager
Great Article About Amazon Sellers Third-Party Sellers Drive Profitability
Did you know nearly half of all of the items you order from Amazon don’t come from Amazon itself? That’s right. Over 47% of units that are shipped are actually sold by a third-party seller on Amazon. This amounted to more than 1 billion units.

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