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Episode 11: Jack Haworth
December 05, 2021

Put your headphones on and take some time out to listen to this episode. Your ears are in for a treat! Thanks to Adam at Overtone Productions, we're bringing you outstanding sound design in the final episode of this series.Inventive Podcast is all about m

Episode 10: Larissa Suzuki
November 17, 2021

A fascinating insight into how AI will influence how cities operate in the future and the ethics of collecting big data.Larissa Suzuki is a polymath – she's a computer scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, writer, inventor, and philanthropist. She was awarde

Episode 9: Enass Abo-Hamed and Manjot Chana
October 31, 2021

How can we create carbon-free energy? The future is hydrogen. As Glasgow hosts the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference, engineer and activist Enass Abo-Hamed and systems integration engineer Manjot Chana from renewable energy company H2GO chat to Trevor Co

Episode 8: Josh Macabuag
October 18, 2021

This episode of Inventive Podcast is an exciting insight into a profession we only get a glimpse of in news reports, through the eyes of an engineer who wants to make a positive impact on the world.Disaster Risk Engineer Josh Macabuag been at the scene of

Episode 7: Sian Cleaver
October 04, 2021

Spacecraft Engineer

Episode 6: Ruth Amos
July 26, 2021

Inventor and Engineer Ruth Amos has a fantastic job! She runs Youtube Channel ‘Kids Invent Stuff’ where children get the chance to have their invention ideas built by Ruth and her friend Shawn. They’ve built some amazing stuff! A bike that feeds

Episode 5: Greg Bowie
July 21, 2021

Manufacturing engineer Greg Bowie uses science to make stuff that heals broken bones. The material he works with has something in common with the network of pipes at the bottom of the ocean that carries the internet around the world and Greg himself has s

Episode 4: Askwar Hilonga
July 14, 2021

Chemical engineer Askwar Hilonga wants to be a billionaire - by saving a billion lives. Growing up in rural Tanzania, life was hard. His mother and father didn't go to school and he suffered from water-borne diseases throughout his childhood from drinking

Episode 3: Sophie Robinson
July 07, 2021

Trevor meets aerospace engineer Sophie Robinson, who's working on groundbreaking eVTOL, electric vertical take-off and landing, aircraft that will change the way we travel in the future. Writer Tony White's inspirational story 'The Hotwells Cold Wate

Episode 2: Roma Agrawal
June 30, 2021

In the second episode of Inventive Podcast, Trevor meets award-winning structural engineer Roma Agrawal MBE - Mega Badass Engineer – that's what Roma says! She designed the foundations of London's iconic skyscraper The Shard and everything from train stat