Interruption of Play

Interruption of Play

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Interruption Of Play S3 Ep 0
September 05, 2019

Interruption Of Play S3 Ep 0 by KA & DC

S2 E2 : I'm not angry, just extremely disappointed
December 18, 2016

Because how very much dare you. Patreon: www.pat…

Back at it again, S2 Ep 01
November 06, 2016

Thanks for sticking around for yet another year g…

Episode 18: Like a Duck
July 17, 2016

In which KA and DC discuss what's happened during…

No P Key
May 27, 2016

It must be nice not having a stake in the playoff…

Episode 16: Round One, Choose Your Starter Pokémon
May 01, 2016

KA is an adult, she can buy TWO pokémon games if …

Episode 15: 'Twas the night before playoffs
April 13, 2016

I'm not ready. Patreon:…

Episode 14: *insert Saved by the Bell joke here*
April 06, 2016

We've made it to 6 months everyone. Golf claps fo…

Episode 13: ...and Peggy!
March 23, 2016

In which we talk about the NWHL shenanigans, the …

Episode 12: The Exchange Rate
March 16, 2016

Where we talk the Isobel Cup finals, the Clarkson…