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The Downfall of Private Investigator Christopher Butler

November 26, 2019

Intermountain PI Podcast | Utah Private Investigator Scott Fulmer | Ep. 25 | November 26, 2019 | The Downfall of Private Investigator Christopher Butler

Like any profession, the private investigation industry has its share of bad eggs.    And he was no exception. According to the radio program, This American Life, the police accused him of selling crystal meth and marijuana seized from police evidence lockers. Although the state would go on to drop the charges, he eventually pled guilty to federal charges of robbery, extortion and conspiracy.  He was sentenced to eight years in federal prison.  This week…a morality tale of drugs, dirty D.U.I’s, sexy soccer moms and Chris Butler; a California private investigator gone bad.

In 2010 Chris Butler invited a journalist from Diablo Magazine, to accompany him on a surveillance ride along.  In the hopes that the journalist would do a story about Butler’s Concord, California private investigation firm. A firm, by the way, staffed solely by sexy soccer moms.  The company had been featured on Dr. Phil, The Today Show and the local Bay Area news.  In addition, a reality television show with Lifetime was in the early planning stages.
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Pete Crooks was the Bay area journalist for Diablo Magazine that accompanied Butler on the surveillance ride along.  In due time his short article would became the basis for Crooks’ 2015 book, The Setup: A True Story of Dirty Cops, Soccer Moms and Reality TV.  You can find it on Amazon in hardback, Kindle and