Inspired by Failure

Inspired by Failure

AI-Powered Video Editing by Jack Chernov

July 30, 2019

On this episode of Inspired by Failure, we talk with Jack Chernov, founder of an AI-powered video editing software. Jack is from Siberia and he recently moved to San Francisco to pursue his dreams of helping people tell their best story through their video content. Jack found that he was always trying to capture the most emotional or poignant moments of trips that he took, and he realized that it wouldn’t be difficult to integrate AI into the editing process by having it sort out frames that show emotion and defective frames.
Jack conducted 23 hours’ worth of interviews with video editors to determine their criteria for choosing which frames to include in their final content. After 1 year of research, he narrowed these responses down to the 50 most common reasons. Now that he knew what he wanted to do, the next step was to understand what to do and hire talented people to help him do it. Jack emphasizes the importance of hiring people who do not need to be managed, but can effectively accomplish their job tasks with excellence.
Jack is working to develop the product and complete a seed round of investments and then continue on with the same level of fervency and efficiency until the product is ready for market. He has been networking with other like-minded individuals in the San Francisco area at every opportunity and learning from their knowledge of startups in addition to their experiences in honesty in selling. He is looking forward to the continued growth and development of the idea and product.

Key Quotes:
“People don’t like to do this part of video editing.”
“Automation of video is only possible if you choose a certain type of video.”
“Everyone is looking for emotions.”
“I don’t understand the deep technical aspects, but I understand what’s possible and what’s not possible.”

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