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Insights Into Teens: Episode 150 "People Say the Strangest Things"
June 27, 2022

The English language is a funny thing.  While words and phrases can have different meanings in different cultures, there are other things that might affect the meaning or even the relevance of a word or phrase. Sometimes the things that once had meaning i

Insights Into Teens: Episode 149 "Teens and Competition"
June 20, 2022

Competition is part of human nature. There is competition in getting jobs, sports, video games, politics, and in pretty much every activity in between. Sometimes it can seem like this much competition is bad, but there are also good benefits of competitio

Insights Into Teens: Episode 148 "Mental Health Stigma and Teens"
May 23, 2022

Many of our podcasts often conclude with the suggestion to seek professional help if the techniques we discuss on the show aren’t effective for you. The actual act of getting that level of help can in itself be a challenge.  There has long been a stigma s

Insights Into Teens: Episode 147 "Dealing with Failure"
May 16, 2022

Popular culture has left us with the idea that “failure is not an option”. While no one likes to fail, the reality of the situation is failure happens. On this episode of Insights Into Teens we’re going to talk about what failure is and how to turn failur

Insights Into Teens: Episode 146 "Loneliness and Social Isolation"
May 02, 2022

For many teens their social world is everything to them.  Who they hang out with, the kids they relate to, and the extracurricular activities they participate in all help the teenager to define a sense of self. Loneliness and social isolation are real iss

Insights Into Teens: Episode 145 "Body Insecurities"
April 04, 2022

Teenagers often face significant pressure to meet strict, unrealistic and harmful ideals around beauty, weight, and shape. The quest for a "perfect" body or appearance can take a heavy toll on a teenager's confidence as well as their physic

Insights Into Teens: Episode 144 "Teen Crushes"
March 28, 2022

Having crushes can be a wonderful, scary, fun, and heartbreaking experience. When you get your first crush, you may feel confused about what's happening. You may have never had these feelings before. On today’s episode of Insights Into Teen’s we’ll t

Insights Into Teens: Episode 143 "Self Expression"
March 21, 2022

Almost every teenager goes through wild periods of self-expression that will typically include clothing and musical choices that are borderline offensive to their parents. However, it’s important not to stifle your teen while they experiment with differen

Insights Into Teens: Episode 142 "Your Health Pyramid"
March 14, 2022

What is your health pyramid? Why is it important? How can we maintain our health pyramid? We’ll answer these questions and much more as we talk about balancing key aspects of our lives on this  episode of Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 141 "Healthy Family Relationships"
March 07, 2022

Families can be a pretty complicated thing. What makes up a family? What are its functions? What type of family units are there? How do families help you? In this episode of Insights Into Teens we’ll continue our deeper look at relationships and dig deepe