Inside The Recording Studio

Inside The Recording Studio

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Talkin About Stems And Multitracks - What's The Flippin Difference?
July 02, 2021

Chris and jody take on the topic of sharing projects while recording. The differences between stems and multitrack projects. How it applies to collaboration, mixing, or sending a song out to be mixed.

Headphone Monitor Mix Solutions for Home and Pro Studios
June 25, 2021

Chris and jody take on the topic of headphone monitor mix solutions. From the very simple and even hack methods for home studios. Up to mid level studio solutions and then the beyond with pro level so

Loops: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
June 18, 2021

Chris and jody take on the topic of making use of loops in creating productions. Be it drums, percussion, instruments, vocals, etc, all kinds of loops. Is it considered cheating? Can you be creative w

Live Sound vs. Recording Studio Sound with Special Guest Raymond Gronvall
June 11, 2021

Chris and jody bring on special guest Raymond Gronvall to talk about live sound as compared to sound in a recording studio. Ray also divulges stories from touring and how he gets the gigs he gets. It'

Top 5 Must Have Plugins For Writing, Tracking & Balance
June 04, 2021

Chris and jody discuss their top 5 desert island must have plugins for writing, recording and mixing. From amp sims to synths, to channel strips to mixing. The reasons behind the picks and possibly ev

How to Build a Recording Rig from Scratch
May 28, 2021

What steps are needed to create a home and or mobile recording rig? Chris and Jody walk you thru the trials and tribulations of setting up a recording system from scratch. The do's and don'ts of what

The EQ that Changed the World - API 550a
May 21, 2021

A deep dive into the API 550a EQ, an classic and oft used EQ from the Automated Processes Inc company. We look at the history of it invention and go thru the inner workings of how the EQ works. Who bo

Which is better, Passive or Active Pickups?
May 14, 2021

Guitar players are an opinionated bunch. Jody and Chris discuss the differences between passive and active pickups. What are the differences? What should you be using? Is one better than the other? Li

Answering A Listener's Question About Pre Amps
May 07, 2021

Chris and Jody dive in on a question sent in by listener Ignacio. He asked about using pre-amps for tracking things at home with limited inputs. What type of things is he recording? What kind of pre-a

Deep Dive Into The Fairchild Compressor
April 30, 2021

Chris and Jody take a journey thru the history of the Fairchild compressor. One of the most sought after compressors. Who made it? Where do they get used? Who makes them now. The type of music and ins