Inside The Recording Studio

Inside The Recording Studio

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How To Record Killer Electric Guitar Tracks At Home
December 02, 2022

Chris and Jody unwind the simple choices that producers need to make when tackling electric guitars. Hardware choices like amp heads and cabs to pair with mics. Or going the software route.

10 Things To Know When You Go Into A Session
November 25, 2022

Chris and Jody head over to the other side of the glass. Going into a checklist for musicians, artists, and bands looking to go into a studio and record. What are the do's and don'ts? How can this hel

Mono Compatibility Explained - How To Check For It!
November 18, 2022

Chris and Jody decide it's time to think about mono compatibility. With so many smart speakers on the market these days, it's a wise choice to start thinking about how a mix will translate on them. Wh

Tips For A Better Studio Schedule That Will Help You Be More Productive
November 11, 2022

Chris and Jody pull into the station on a listener request. Talking about time management and good studio scheduling. Making sure you stay busy, but not feeling over worked. Making sure you're not und

Strymon BigSky Reverb. Why You Need To Know About This Amazing Plugin
November 04, 2022

Chris and Jody get an early bird worm look at a new reverb plugin, BigSky from Strymon. This is Strymon's first foray into the world of plugin computing and what better way to introduce itself to your

SSL 4000 Console - The Nearly Complete Guide
October 28, 2022

Chris and Jody go exploring the SSL 4000 console. Giving a brief look at the history of the company and the board. Then they get into the nuts & bolts of all aspects of the channels and the SSL sound.

Productivity Hacks - How To Be Productive During Your Down Time
October 21, 2022

Chris and Jody unload about how to be productive while having down time. You know that time when you're not super busy recording, mixing, mastering all the latest tracks from the current hot band who

10 Common Mastering Mistakes Most People Make And How To Fix Them
October 14, 2022

Chris and Jody lay out a list of mistakes that are easy to make when starting on the journey to becoming a mastering engineer. There are no less than 10 mistakes laid out to take in, internalize and t

How To Get Things Done Quickly When You Have Short Deadlines
October 07, 2022

Chris and Jody make quick work of ways to operate when you've got short deadlines. What are some real world examples we've come across. Best practices that have helped us and can certainly help you. I

The Difference Between Corrective EQ And Sweetening EQ - What You Need To Know
September 30, 2022

Chris and Jody divide and conquer the subjects of corrective EQ and sweetening EQ. What is the definition of each? Where do we approach each style of EQ? What is the process value of each style of EQ?