Inside The Recording Studio

Inside The Recording Studio

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From Echo to Epic: The Simple Guide to Creative Delays
June 02, 2023

Chris and Jody go canyoneering to explore the use of delays. Come on a slot canyon adventure as they discuss different types of delays. What are they good for? What to think about when you select the

Introducing the Hyperswitch from Seymour Duncan
May 26, 2023

Chris and Jody get their hands on the Hyperswitch from Seymour Duncan. This is a rig rundown of what the Hyperswitch is, what it can do and how hard it is to install in your guitar. The world of multi

Switching DAWs: A Great Guide to Choosing the Right One!
May 19, 2023

Chris and Jody extrapolate from last week's listener request and talk about the concept of switching DAWs. Is it a good idea to switch to another DAW? What are things to consider? What DAW should you

Time to Level Up Your Sound: How to Know When it’s Time for an Audio Interface Upgrade!
May 12, 2023

Chris and Jody get busy with a listener request to talk about when it's time to upgrade your audio interface. Get ready to feast on the dos and don'ts of when it's time to go for that little something

EQ and Compression In Order Of Importance
May 05, 2023

Chris and Jody lay it on the line, the EQ and Compression line of when to use EQ before or after Compression. The straight dope about the how's and why's of EQ before Compression and EQ after compress

Discover the Magic of Mix Templates and Skyrocket Your Mixing Game!
April 28, 2023

Chris and Jody crawl thru the weeds of mix templates. Discussing the concepts of creating them. What would go in them. Why should we have them? Do they provide benefits? And what separates the mix tem

NAMM Show 2023 The Good, The Bad, The Mind-blowing
April 21, 2023

Chris and Jody recap on the interim NAMM Show from April 2023. Find out what we saw. The good, the bad, the mind-blowing items that caught our attention and what we thought. What are our theories abou

Troubleshooting Mics That Are Misbehaving
April 14, 2023

Chris and Jody go thru a simple little checklist for troubleshooting mics. What to do when a mic is suddenly not doing what a mic does best. Especially if there's bizarre noises or no noise what-so-ev

Tips and Tricks for dealing with Low End!
April 07, 2023

Chris and Jody get down to the nitty gritty basement of low end. Talking about how to manage low end and get a handle on it. From the scientific things about your room and setup on to the creative end

Talking Life, Music, Strings and more with Stevie Blacke
March 31, 2023

Chris and Jody invite special guest Stevie Blacke. Stevie Blacke is an illustrious string arranger and "one man orchestra". He works with some of the world's biggest stars and best musicians. He's pl