Inside The Recording Studio

Inside The Recording Studio

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Vocal Mic Distance: How Close is Close Enough?
May 13, 2022

Chris and Jody discuss what to consider when tracking vocals: How close to the mic should you get? What are the issues you may run into when not getting this right? What if the singer wants to actuall

Audio Masking: All the Tools You Need to Avoid It
May 06, 2022

Chris and Jody jump into the muddy waters of audio masking. What is it? What instruments can tend to mask each other. Things to watch out for when sifting thru a mix to find the masking. Why it's a go

Drum Programming vs Live Drums: How to Know When to Use Which?
April 29, 2022

Chris and Jody delve into the idea of drum programming vs live drums. What styles are prone to each. When is it ideal to record with live drums. Things to watch out for when programming drums. Why mig

Layering Instruments: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
April 22, 2022

Chris and Jody discuss the pros and cons of layering similar instruments. We breeze thru using similar sounding synths, guitars, basses, drums and vocals. Plus we offer up various thoughts on each are

Getting To Know The Kick Drum Frequency Spectrum
April 15, 2022

We dive into the world of EQ for your kick drum. We walk thru the various areas of the audio spectrum. The fundamental low end, the low mids, the upper mids and the "click". Plus we offer up various t

How To Use Your DAW Like A Console: 3 Pro Bits for Channel Strips vs Individual Plugins
April 08, 2022

Chris and Jody dive into the fray of Channel Strips vs Individual Plugins. What are the differences? What are the components that make up a channel strip? Who makes the popular emulations and the virt

5 EQ Tips and Tricks You NEED To Know To Make Your Acoustic Guitar Sound Amazing!
April 01, 2022

For the 2nd anniversary episode (2 years and rolling!): Chris and Jody deliver on 5 ways to help enhance your acoustic guitars via EQ. We walk thru the various areas of the audio spectrum. The low end

HOW TO FIX A MUDDY MIX: Chris & Jody’s 5 Favorite Ways To Reduce The Mud
March 25, 2022

Chris and Jody deliver on multiple ways to help remove the "mud" from your mixes. We walk thru the various areas of the mix process. The arrangement, the dynamics, the EQ and special softwares. Plus w

The Eye On The Prize With Adam Moseley: from the early beginnings to being a producer and more
March 18, 2022

Chris and Jody involve the inimitable Adam Moseley in an amazing interview. We trek thru his early beginnings and dive into multiple stories. The eye on the prize about being a producer. How about sta

How To Enhance Vocals With Out of Time Delays
March 11, 2022

Chris and Jody take on a way to help enhance your vocal mixes. The Delay. We mention various ways to use delays, primarily ones that are not perfectly synced to enhance the way the vocal sits in a mix