In Search of God's Instructions

In Search of God's Instructions

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Daniel & The End Times
December 20, 2020

Daniel & The End Times The Book of Daniel tells us what things will be happening in at the End of Times. We are nearing the 6000th year of GOD's timeline. To put it another way, Yeshua will return in

GOD Shows Ezekiel Everything – Part 10
December 07, 2020

GOD Shows Ezekiel Everything - Part 10 A Valley of Dry Bones Ezekiel sees a vision of a valley full of dry human bones. Firstly, Ezekiel walks the perimeter of the valley to ascertain how large it is.

GOD Shows Ezekiel Everything – Part 9
November 20, 2020

GOD Is Angry At The Shepherds of HIS Flock GOD is angry at the Shepherds of HIS flock.  Because of this, HE tells Ezekiel that HE is going to punish the Shepherds for abusing HIS flock. The flock are

Wickedness Is The Result Of Flesh Disease
November 10, 2020

Sin & Wickedness Is Result Of Flesh Disease The Book of Leviticus GOD explains Sin and Wickedness is the result of a Flesh Disease. And He says only one cure exists for both of them. GOD also says the

Jeremiah Says GOD Wounded Us
October 29, 2020

The Book of Jeremiah GOD has severely wounded His people. GOD tells Jeremiah, our wounds are very severe.  Sadly, GOD is the one who wounded us! Even worse than this, HE also tells Jeremiah that our w

GOD Shows Ezekiel Everything – Part 8
October 16, 2020

GOD Makes Ezekiel A Watchman GOD makes Ezekiel a Watchman to the tribes of Israel.  This means that Ezekiel is a Spiritual Watchman. It also means, all people who accepts the creator of all life as th

GOD’s Feast Days – Sukkot
October 01, 2020

GOD'S FEAST DAYS - SUKKOT GOD's Feast Days Sukkot is the most social and enjoyable of all of GOD's Feast Days!  Sukkot is the feast festival when Yeshua (aka Jesus Christ) was born.  Sukkot, brings al

GOD’s Feast Days – Yom Kippur
September 24, 2020

GOD's Feast Days - Yom Kippur GOD's feast days. Yom Kippur, is the most holy day of all of GOD's Feast Days. Yom Kippur is the day your name is written in the Book of Life. You could also say, it's th

GOD’s Feast Days – Rosh Hashanah
September 14, 2020

Rosh Hashanah GOD's Feast Days, are days GOD has set apart as HIS Feast Days.  In other words, GOD says these Feasts times belongs to HIM. Therefore, HE commands all who worship HIM to participate in

Jonah Argues With GOD
September 04, 2020

The Book of Jonah Jonah argues with GOD regarding the wicked city of Nineveh. Even now, the story of Jonah amazes me as I see he friendship between Jonah and GOD. - The book of Jonah takes you on a j