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Avoiding Discrimination- Where is the Diversity & Inclusion Training?

June 25, 2020

The conversation continues since the last episode on Racial Bias in the Workplace.  We’re going to discuss avoiding discrimination and signs to look for that your organization needs diversity and inclusion training. First, we discuss equity and workplace discrimination, what they are, and how to maintain equity while avoiding discrimination. Then, we dive into diversity, inclusion, and equality training. What are the 3 signs that your management staff needs equality training, such as abuse of authority or playing favorites?

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Today…..we are going to keep the conversation going since the last episode on Racial Bias in the workplace.  We’re going to discuss avoiding discrimination and signs to look for that you organization needs diversity and inclusion training. 


Our differences (which make us individually unique and quite special) in today’s day in age, may….sadly cause workplace discrimination, where employees are treated unfairly due to a particular characteristic. Equity is vital in every modern-day workplace. With the workplace changes induced by COVID-19, having a strong team is more important than ever. 

Dealing with change, especially with the changes brought forth by COVID-19, is not easy for anyone in the workplace. Many are still working remotely or not working at all because of COVID-19. Your human resources department may be working on plans for your employee’s return, but have they considered how important equity will be during these times? Equity can keep a workplace from falling apart and makes your employee’s environment a happier, safe space…..and, as we discussed in my last podcast, necessary because it makes business sense and is the right thing to do.  Dealing with change isn’t nearly as hard when your employees have equal chances and no discrimination. 

So, What is Equity? In the workplace, equity means that everyone is receiving fair chances and treatment. This will allow employees to have equal access to advancements and opportunities. Equity leads to happier and harder working employees. Each employee will feel valued; where no employee has an advantage over the other. After seeing that they have a fair chance of advancing, your employee will work harder than an employee experiencing workplace discrimination. Retention will stay at an all-time high when every employee is valued. 

How can a company maintain equity?

For some companies, it may feel challenging to maintain equity due to the number of employees you have. However, in order for your employees to feel happy and appreciated, giving them an equal chance is vital. If you feel that you do not know your workers well enough to give them equal opportunities, it may be time for you or your managers to host an event that will allow you to get to know employees. 

What is Workplace Discrimination? 

Workplace discrimination involves holding an employee back or treating them unfairly due to their religion, race, sexual orientation, age, sex, or disabilities just to name a few. Despite the Civil Rights Act of 1964 making it ...