Innovating with Scott Amyx

Innovating with Scott Amyx

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The Future of Autonomous Urban Air Mobility Panel at Astor Perkins Oct 2022
November 22, 2022

The Future of Autonomous Urban Air Mobility Dr. Eric Muir, Founder & CEO of Volair Stephen Crouch, Co-Founder of Volair

Autonomous Robotics Research Panel at Astor Perkins Oct 2022
November 15, 2022

Autonomous Robotics Research Panel Dr. Ray O. Johnson, CEO of the Technology Innovation Institute Professor Enrico Natalizio, Vice President of the Autonomous Robotics Research Center, Technology Inno

Professor Eran Sharon Keynote at Astor Perkins
November 08, 2022

The World of Non-Euclidean Sheets - From Growing Leaves to Curling Pasta and Self-Morphing Architecture.

Astor Perkins Opening Keynote Advancing Our Strategic Advantage
November 01, 2022

The war in Ukraine has opened the eyes of leaders in Europe and the U.S. But the fight of today is very different from the wars of the past. Nations with the most advanced AI, robotics, and automation

Interview with Dr. David Bach CEO of Optios
October 25, 2022

Dr. David Bach is the CEO of Optios, an applied neuroscience company that translates cutting-edge discoveries into practical tools that measurably enhance human performance.

Interview with Eric Muir Founder of Volair
October 18, 2022

Volair is a startup developing end-to-end intelligent flight technologies to advance and unlock new aerial transportation modalities in a safe, efficient, and economically viable manner.

Interview with Greice Murphy Founder Board Member of Advanced Care Partners
September 20, 2022

Greice Murphy founded and built one of the fastest-growing healthcare companies in America, Advanced Care Partners, which provides quality homecare nursing services to medically fragile patients.

Interview with Dr. Ray Johnson CEO of the Technology Innovation Institute
August 16, 2022

Technology Innovation Institute aims to be a leading global research center dedicated to pushing the frontiers of knowledge.

Interview with Jeff Plate CEO of Interstellar Mining
August 09, 2022

Interstellar Mining is a geological and mining consultancy looking to explore lunar ice on the moon.

Interview with Vance Hilderman CEO of AFuzion
August 02, 2022

AFuzion is focused on infusing technical knowledge, expertise, and safety-critical compliance to the world's aviation/avionics.