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Cybersecurity has a marketing problem — and we're going to fix it | Guest Alyssa Miller
June 27, 2022

On today's episode, we're breaking down phrases you've heard a million times: “security is everyone’s job,” “humans are the weakest link in the security chain,” “it’s not if you get breached, but when.” Returning guest Alyssa Miller drills

What does a secure coder do? | Cybersecurity Career Series
June 20, 2022

Secure coders are responsible for developing and writing secure code in a way that protects against security vulnerabilities like bugs, defects and logic flaws. They take proactive steps to introduce secure coding methodologies before the application or s

Cybersecurity jobs: How to better apply, get hired and fill open roles | Guest Diana Kelley
June 13, 2022

Diana Kelley returns to the show to discuss her work as a board member of the Cyber Future Foundation and the goings-on at this year’s Cyber Talent Week. Whether you’re a cybersecurity hiring manager who doesn’t know why you’re not getting the applicants

Ethical user data collection and machine learning | Guest Ché Wijesinghe
June 06, 2022

Today on Cyber Work Ché Wijesinghe of Cape Privacy talks about the safe and ethical collection of user data when creating machine learning or predictive models. When your bank is weighing whether to give you a loan, they can make a better choice the more

Working as a privacy manager | Cybersecurity Career Series
May 23, 2022

A Privacy Manager is responsible for the development, creation, maintenance and enforcement of the privacy policies and procedures of an organization. They ensure compliance with all privacy-related laws and regulations. The Privacy Manager takes an activ

What does a cybersecurity beginner do? | Cybersecurity Career Series
May 16, 2022

Just getting started?  This role is for you!The Cybersecurity Beginner role focuses on the foundational skills and knowledge that will allow anyone to take the first step towards transitioning into a cybersecurity career.  No prior knowledge of cybersecur

What does an ICS security practitioner do? | Cybersecurity Career Series
May 09, 2022

Industrial control system (ICS) security practitioners are responsible for securing mission-critical SCADA and ICS information systems. They are responsible for restricting digital and physical access to ICS devices, such as PLCs and RTUs, to maximize sys

A public discussion about privacy careers: Training, certification and experience | Cyber Work Live
May 02, 2022

Join Infosec Skills authors Chris Stevens, John Bandler and Ralph O’Brien as they discuss the intersection of privacy and cybersecurity. They’ll help you walk a path that will lead to an engaging career as a privacy specialist — a job role that grows with

What does a security engineer do? | Cybersecurity Career Series
April 25, 2022

Security engineers are responsible for implementing, and continuously monitoring security controls that protect computer assets, networks and organizational data. They often design security architecture and develop technical solutions to mitigate and auto

What does an information risk analyst do? | Cybersecurity Career Series
April 18, 2022

Information risk analysts conduct objective, fact-based risk assessments on existing and new systems and technologies, and communicate findings to all stakeholders within the information system. They also identify opportunities to improve the risk posture