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How to cope with stress during the holiday season

November 20, 2019

Do the holidays stress you out? If so, we've got Sheryl from How to Make a Life back on with us, discussing ways to help you this holiday season! She's sharing her thoughts on women and how they're often times responsible for creating all of the Christmas magic. Plus, she's sharing her best tips for avoiding holiday burnout, the financial part of the holiday season, and we discuss loneliness and grief during the holidays.


Weekly Love and Hate:

Christine Love: Disney+ is magical

Lindsay Love: Silly, but I got my eyebrows tinted. Game-changer.

Christine Hate: Blogger Burnout (Figuring out my game plan and updating site)

Lindsay Hate: To go along with today’s episode, the consumerism of the holidays. The non-stop gift guides, etc. I’m very privileged, of course, and we try to donate during the holiday season and all year. It’s very self-serving to talk about it, but, why are there so few talking about giving back?


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November Book Club: Our book is Wild Game: My Mother, Her Lover, and Me by Adrienne Brodeur. Our episode will go live on November 27th. It will give you something to listen to while driving to your Thanksgiving dinner!  (affiliate link)

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