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Influenced The Podcast

Ep 11: Expectations on Women

August 07, 2019

Episode 11: Expectations on Women Show Notes

In today’s episode, we’re discussing expectations on women and the pressures we face in our every day lives.

But first, our weekly love and hate!

Weekly Love

Christine: Random Kindness (Thanks, Lindsay)

Lindsay: I was a guest on Why Should I? Podcast - the episode is live by the time this one goes live! We discussed the pressure on women to get married and have kids.

Weekly Hate

Christine: Hospitals and dealing with migraines.

Lindsay: Allergies/being sick after vacation.

Some expectations on women:

Being told to smile/being told we’re not friendly “enough”

Shaving: Let’s bring the bush back!

The pressure to be thin

When to have kids (being the one responsible for them when you do)

That the groceries and household duties are all on us

That we should all want to get married and be in a relationship

That we shouldn’t want a professional career when we have children

Wearing Makeup

That we should have sex with our husband whenever and wherever he wants to (Dugger reference)

Gift purchasing

Other notes:

Our favorite plus-size influencers: Authentically Emmie

How do you split groceries/household chores?

To answer our expectations survey, click here! Responses are anonymous!

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