Influenced The Podcast

Influenced The Podcast

Ep 2: Blogging Part One

June 12, 2019

Welcome to episode 2 of Influenced The Podcast!



Weekly Love:

Lindsay: Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered (

Christine: Rocketman and Aladdin (AMC Stubs Membership


Weekly Hate:

Lindsay: Working Out (Hates anything involving wrists)

Christine: Cost of groceries and eating healthy


Blogging Part 1:

Lindsay: Bourbon & Lipstick (

  • Started Blogging in 2011, under a different name. Started back up again in 2014

  • Bourbon & Lipstick is a Southern Lifestyle Blog

  • Started out primarily as a beauty blog, but realized how expensive it was to keep up with purchasing new releases

  • Needed a creative outlet

  • The first post was about bras


Christine: Simply Stine (

  • Started in 2012

  • Simply Stine is a Beauty and Southern Lifestyle Blog

  • Started out primarily as a hobby as blogs were becoming popular and she was getting asked a lot of questions about related issues

  • Evolved beyond beauty as she realized she wanted to spend time sharing more of her life and other issues, topics, etc.

  • The first post was about a Bath & Body Works product line



We discuss:

  • Social Media (Buying likes, followers, etc)

  • Instagram and why we think it's pretty much the worst at times

  • Loop Giveaways

  • How to put together a media kit and work on approaching brands for sponsored work, etc

  • Why we both question those that ONLY post sponsored content

  • We answer if we think blogging has changed since we both started

  • The difference between Influencers and Bloggers





We'll be back next Wednesday for a new episode! We'll continue this conversation about blogging and answer the questions you sent to us!


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July Book Club: Columbine by Dave Cullen ( Discussing on July 31st Episode


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