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86 Gargoyles – S1 Eps 11-13 with Shift
June 26, 2020

We finally did it! We finished our last chapter of our Gargoyles adventure. Boy am I gonna miss that loin cloth. More importantly though, this week we are joined by a very special guest and friend, Shift, who shares some of his brilliance with us.

85 Gargoyles – S1 Eps 9-10
May 12, 2020

‘Goyles! We’re talking about ‘Goyles again as all the superfans call Gargoyles. Just two episode recaps this week because it’s a Sunday on See You in the Funny Papers and Micah got excited. Also Jen brings it hard with a new educational segment about U...

84 Gargoyles – S1 Eps 6-8
May 04, 2020

We’re back with more Gargoyles this week, in an episode that really shows our range. We cover everything from Gargoyle boners to the relationship between oppression and power, jen talks about water intake in Montana,

83 Gargoyles – The Remaining Awakenings
April 27, 2020

We continue awakening with the Gargoyles this week as we cover the episodes entitled Awakening, Part 3, Awakening, Part 4, and, you guessed it, Awakening, Part 5! Micah describes a new and exciting comic as part of See You in the Funny Papers and we gi...

82 Gargoyles S1 Eps 1-2
April 20, 2020

Gargoyles! We watched some of it, but we didn’t really talk about it much. So if you got excited, we’re sorry. Gargoyles was a cartoon show on in 1994, but you wouldn’t know that from listening to this episode that is purportedly about said cartoon sho...

81 Outbreak
April 13, 2020

Heeeeeeyyyyy. So, yeah, we decided to watch 1995’s Outbreak. Just now. Yes, that Outbreak. Because what better time to watch a movie about a terrifying pandemic than during an actual pandemic? We don’t dwell on gross details,

80 We Are Back
April 06, 2020

We’re back again! This time for keeps. For real? For a longer time–whatever, our hiatus is over. We’re back to making regular episodes. This is not a regular episode though. Making episodes regularly is what I meant. Anyway,

79 Groundhog Day
February 03, 2020

It’s Groundhog Day! So obviously we watched Harold Ramis’ 1993 masterpiece “Groundhog Day” starring Bill Murray, Andie McDowell, and Chris Elliott FOUR TIMES! We watched it over and over and over just like Bill Murray lives the same day over and over a...

78 Hottest Songs of ’94
December 16, 2019

So. It’s so. And murderer. It’s murderer. This is the “Misheard Lyrics” episode of I Never Saw That. So feel free to to laugh at us. Also laugh with us though, because we laugh with each other a lot and we have a lot of fun talking about the top songs ...

77 Jen Solo: INST Travel Edition
November 21, 2019

This episode is technically an episode. It is not good but at least it’s short! It’s just Jen, talking about some stuff. Our travels, a little bit of Montana, and some Randy Quaid (Uncle Eddie) from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.