I Never Saw That

I Never Saw That

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74 All the Tattoo of Death Endings and Miscellanea
September 16, 2019

Well, this is a weird one. And that’s saying a lot if you look back at our oeuvre. There’s some ‘90s comic strip education, a little adventure choosing, some heavy talk of Montana and parental relationships,

73 Tattoo of Death Miniseries Episodes 1 and 2
August 26, 2019

Remember that wild Choose Your Own Adventure episode we did with the Yule brothers from Finish It‽ Well get ready for some more of that action, except without the Yule brothers and therefore a lot less good.

72 Bad Hair Day
August 12, 2019

This week is all about Weird Al Yankovic’s Bad Hair Day from 1996! This topic was chosen by one of our newest Patreon supporters, Mike, and we had fun listening to this whole album for the first time. So thanks, Mike!

71 Tattoo of Death with Finish It!
August 05, 2019

It’s a Finish It!/I Never Saw That crossover episode! Get ready for adventure as we explore the 1995 Choose Your Own Adventure book Tattoo of Death! We are joined by the official interactive fiction experts, the Yule brothers!

70 Funny Papers Minisode
July 22, 2019

This episode is what happens when you let us talk and we don’t have an actual topic. We do “everyone’s favorite segment,” See You in the Funny Papers, and get deep about comic strips. We thank our newest patron. We talk about vasectomies,

July 15, 2019

Episode 69. Nice. CW: We talk about rape in this one, and the brutal, gratuitous rape scene from the movie we watched. Aside from that, get ready for some bad acting, even worse dancing, and lots of boobs!

68 The Secret World of Alex Mack
July 08, 2019

This is Sadie! I have taken over the podcast. This episode is about The Secret World of Alex Mack. My mom and I talked about this show. I loved it! Alex has really cool powers and I really like her best friend Raymond.

67 Getting Even With Dad
July 03, 2019

First of all, ladies canNOT be cops. Secondly, in 1994 Ted Danson and Macaulay Culkin made a movie together. Whoopi Goldberg was not in it and contrary to Jen’s opinion, it was not directed by Howard Hughes. Jen really lets loose in this one,

66 The Real World San Francisco
June 24, 2019

CW: This episode contains discussion of homophobia and AIDS. It’s the last week of PRIDE month, and we are embracing our MTV generation roots by joining the seven housemates of The Real World San Francisco.

65 The Watermelon Woman
June 18, 2019

We’re back with another episode for our month of Pride-themed content that is queer as fuck. This week we talk about the 1996 film “The Watermelon Woman” written, directed by, and starring Cheryl Dunye. We also dig into Jen’s thoughts about queerness a...