Latest Episodes

Episode 006 - Handling the Naysayers as a Physician Entrepreneur
April 18, 2016

Are you concerned about becoming an entrepreneur as a doctor? It's a valid reason. On this podcast, we'll discuss how to best deal with the "haters" who may not share your enthusiasm an starting your new venture.

Episode 005 - 7 Ways to Get More Patients Online
January 25, 2016

Scratching your head on how to get more patients? On this podcast, we go over the 7 easiest methods to gain more patients online for your own practice or business. Running my own medical marketing firm, I'll go over some simple strategies I give my o...

Episode 004 - The Costs that are Holding Back Most Doctors
December 13, 2015

Are there specific reasons that are preventing you from becoming a physician entrepreneur? Having consulted with hundreds of doctors, I've identified 2 costs that are holding you back from pursuing your dreams. Also, we look back at the recent Entre...

Episode 003: Now What? Nonclinical Options for Doctors
November 12, 2015

There's a significant movement of doctors seeking non-clinical options - but what is a viable, realistic strategy? We discuss this and more, with Dr. Heather Fork, nonclinical career consultant for Doctors Crossings. If you need guidance on this impo...

Episode 002 - Product Creation Made Simple for Doctors
October 14, 2015

We received a question last week from a doctor in California on how to create your own product. This week we discuss how to use your existing knowledge and start creating your own products, from books to webinars to physical workshops with some real w...

Episode 001 - How a Retired Surgeon Made 6 Figures in 73 Days
September 25, 2015

In this inaugural podcast, our host Dr. Mike Woo-Ming interviews Dr. George Huang, a cosmetic surgeon who retired from medicine and started a 6 figure business in the span of just over 2 months. Discover his story, and why physicians need to take the ...