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December 16, 2016

A politically turbulent 2016 is closing out and uncertainty still looms for 2017. What’s the current economic situation and forecast for manufacturing? Join AMT’s Vice President of Strategic Analytics Pat McGibbon as he shares with Steve Miller, AMT

Branding Secrets of Santa Claus
October 20, 2016

Without a doubt one of the most famous, most remembered, and long-lasting brands in history is Santa Claus! He’s a pretty smart business man and has incorporated many very strong branding components in maintaining his place in the minds of children aro

September 02, 2016

IMTS 2016 is literally a few days away! You’ll join over 115,000 other participants. You’ll be walking through 1.3 million net square feet of exhibit space. Over 2,000 exhibiting companies will be fighting for your attention and time. In addition, you

Last Minute Exhibiting Tips for IMTS 2016
August 16, 2016

We know you're scrambling to get ready for IMTS. We also know you REALLY want to maximize your time and investment this year. Join our resident Marketing Gunslinger, Steve Miller, and Michelle Edmonson, Director- Exhibitions Design and Operations, as they

The RIGHT Way To Follow-Up
July 20, 2016

Although not 100% practiced, it’s pretty much understood that following up on your leads, sales, customer conversations, and other contacts made during IMTS is ... well, kind of IMPORTANT! How are you preparing for follow-up? Got the plan in place? Okay

June 24, 2016

Have questions about registering your staff or how to invite your customers? Join Karen Lewis with CDS and Rachelle Muckle with AMT, who will review the various way to register your staff, how to register your exhibitor appointed contractor and how to tra

Trade Show Freight Services
June 22, 2016

Join this podcast to learn how UPS can help you at IMTS 2016. Charlie Chung, with UPS, touches on the new UPS IMTS Logistic Centers we will have onsite as well as the new UPS relationship with Coyote.” Maggie Neill with Coyote discusses the advantage of

How to use Social Media to Pump Up Your IMTS
June 18, 2016

Yes, you know social media is huge and, yes, you're probably using it at some level in your marketing. How can you use social media to promote your IMTS exhibit without sounding too "promotional" and irritating your followers? Which social media tools are

Maximize Your Exposure
June 01, 2016

With IMTS just 3 months away, learn practical ways to maximize your exposure before, during and after the show. Join John Campos from Gardner Business Media and Bob Kaplan from CMAC as they discuss the various ways to get your brand out there. They will c

What’s New for IMTS 2016?
June 01, 2016

After IMTS 2014 featured the worlds first 3-D printed automobile many people left Chicago asking, How can IMTS top THAT in 2016?See for yourself in this interview with Peter Eelman, VP of Exhibitions and Development for AMT. Peter will share many new