Impolite Conversation: Religion and Politics

Impolite Conversation: Religion and Politics

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#51: Holy Disunity and Trump as Messiah
October 01, 2019

This month we talk to Presbyterian minister Layton Williams about her new book Holy Disunity and her thesis that authenticity is more important than unity. Then the two of us settle in to chat about the "quasi-messianic" language that's come out of the...

#50: Teaching the Teachers and What We’ve Learned
September 03, 2019

It's our 50th episode! This month we talk to Christopher Murray, a DC-area high school teacher who started a program to teach his colleagues about the religious diversity they might find among their students.

#49: Supreme Court Wrap-Up 2019
August 06, 2019

This month we return to our August tradition of discussing the 2018-19 Supreme Court term with friend-of-the-show Ann Duncan. And in One Last Thing, both Dan and Tim have been watching TV of a supernatural variety. - *** -

Episode #48: Toddie Peters on Reproductive Justice
July 02, 2019

This month: with abortion restrictions making headlines across the South and Midwest, it's a good time to talk to Rebecca Todd Peters about her new book Trust Women: A Progressive Christian Argument for Reproductive Justice. And in One Last Thing,

#47: Israeli Democratic Erosion and the Museum of the Bible
June 04, 2019

To start off the summer, we talk this month about the erosion of democracy in Israel and Dan's recent trip to the Museum of the Bible. NOTE: we recorded this show prior to last week's announcement that Benjamin Netanyahu is calling for new elections in...

#46: Crisis in the UMC
May 07, 2019

On this month’s Impolite Conversation, we talk to a scholar and a bishop about the continuing crisis regarding the status of LGBTQ people in the United Methodist Church. First, Iliff School of Theology president Thomas Wolfe shares his thoughts with us...

#45: Immigration and Christian Theology
April 02, 2019

On this month's Imp Convo, Oxford Pastorate associate pastor Robert Heimburger joins us via Skype to talk about his new book God and the Illegal Alien: United States Immigration Law and a Theology of Politics. And in One Last Thing,

#44: The Trump Prophecy
March 05, 2019

This month, Impolite Conversation goes to the movies to discuss the Liberty University-produced film The Trump Prophecy and what it tells us about evangelical culture and the connection between the religious right and Donald Trump.

#43: The Faith Profile of the 116th Congress
February 05, 2019

There's a new Congress in Washington, DC, so we're spending this month talking about the growing diversity of the faiths it represents, the ongoing "theistic bias" in representation, and the consequences for American governance. -

#42: Don’t Ask Muslims to Condemn Terrorism
January 01, 2019

On this the first Imp Convo of 2019, friend of the show Todd Green talks to us about his new book Presumed Guilty: Why We Shouldn't Ask Muslims to Condemn Terrorism. And in a 2018 retrospective edition of One Last Thing,