The Imagine Neighborhood

The Imagine Neighborhood

Blame it On Blurghsday

August 16, 2020


Welcome to The Imagine Neighborhood! We’re back after a nice summer break to talk about how it feels when things don’t go according to plan. Every once in a while in The Imagine Neighborhood, we get thrown an extra day in the middle of a normal week when everything is topsy-turvy: that’s Blurghsday! There’s no right way to prepare for it, so you’ve just gotta roll with the punches. Scotty and Cap’n Marion both have a lot of adjusting to do and flexibility to practice when this week’s Blurghsday takes them by surprise.

In this episode, we’re learning about being cognitively flexible—being able to change your plans when unexpected things happen. Unexpected things may throw you for a loop, and you can’t prepare for every possible scenario. Take a few deep breaths and name your feelings, then make a new plan. Sometimes you’ve just got to say, “Blame it on Blurghsday!”

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And an extra special thank-you to Marc Sanchez from the Brains On! podcast. Brains On! is an award-winning science podcast for kids and grown-ups to enjoy together. Check it out today!