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Spirit Talk Radio with guest, Allen David Reed & Tahnee Woolf

October 18, 2020

Welcome to Spirit Talk with your host Angel Thacker, Soul Path Coach & Spiritual Medium.  Spirit Talk Radio features guest readers, practitioners, and personalities from the community. To answer questions, give insight and so much more. 

Today's guest: Allen David Reed & Tahnee Woolf  Today's topic: The Ten Terrains of Consciousness

The Ten Terrains of Consciousness Model maps our personal and societal evolution from the most basic, fear-based, survival consciousness to the most expanded, love-based, Unity consciousness -- along a continuum of growth and expansion...and without any judgment about one stage being better than another.  According to Reed and Woolf in Introducing The Ten Terrains of Consciousness, "Your Terrain of Consciousness is the perceptual lens through which you view the world. It governs the fundamental way you interface with life and therefore creates the way you think, your worldview, your beliefs, your values, your behavior and all your actions. It is your core operating system."


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