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The Heater 6/1/16: Something Royals
June 01, 2016

The zombie "Something" Royals smoked Drew Smyly on Tuesday, much to the delight of Brett. He and Mo give their picks for the Wednesday slates on both DraftKings and FanDuel. 

The Heater 5/31/16: Mo and Brett Butt Heads
May 31, 2016

On the final day of May, Brett and Mo disagree a lot. Neither analyst likes the other's top-ranked pitcher, but they do cross paths with one stack on Tuesday. 

The Heater 5/27/16: Echo Chamber
May 27, 2016

After disagreeing on their Kings of the Hill on Wednesday, Brett and Mo agree on pretty much everything today. 

The Heater: 5/25/16: Opposing Kings of the Hill
May 25, 2016

Brett and Mo have OPPOSING Kings of the Hill on Wednesday, and make a friendly side wager. Brett closed the gap with a Manny Machado dong on Tuesday, and looks to split the gap, or close it completely, with a double dong on hump day. 

The Heater 5/24/16: The Price is Right
May 24, 2016

Brett and Mo are all over David Price on DraftKings, and Mo likes, wait for it, a BARFS PLAYER. Find out the Triple Play, Dong of the Day, and Whiff as well.

The Heater 5/23/16: Muffler Mo
May 23, 2016

After traversing through the literal Colorado Rockies, Mo gets to the microphone to join Brett in giving their top plays of the day on FanDuel and DraftKings. 

The Heater 5/20/16: Country Breakfast
May 20, 2016

For once, Brett and Mo disagree about King of the Hill. Mo eyes a hearty country breakfast, Brett loves yet another Royal, and Rich lays into Matt Harvey.

The Heater 4/18/16: Everything From Mike Clevinger to Pie Traynor
May 18, 2016

Who wants to sex The Heater? Brett is excited for a $3,000 pitcher on Fan Duel, while Mo targets his beloved Barfs once again. Brett offers one of the most contrarian stacks available on Wednesday, and both analysts target a reverse splits...

The Heater 5/17/16: Double Dong Monday
May 17, 2016

Dongs for everyone! Brett and Mo both bagged dongs on Monday, and nailed their fades on the mound. Brett is interested in an ace on Tuesday, while Mo is, once again, targeting his beloved Barfs. 

The Heater 5/16/16: Short Slate, Overvalued Pitchers
May 16, 2016

Brett is back, and he and Mo agree on fading the high-priced pitchers taking the mound on Monday's short slate. Brett tries to get back on the horse in the Dong of the Day race, and Mo tries to extend his two-dong lead.