IBCLex Podcast

IBCLex Podcast

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Help - Words To Live By
January 06, 2020

Pastor Ray kicks off our new series "Words to Live By" with our need for help from God: prayer.

Ed Stetzer - Special Guest
December 30, 2019

Director of the Billy Gram Center at Wheaton College, Ed Stetzer, visits Immanuel to share the Gospel.

Prince of Peace - God With Us
December 30, 2019

Pastor Ray Green closes our God With Us series.

Eternal Father - God With Us
December 17, 2019

Pastor Ray Green teaches us about the one father who will always be there for us.

Mighty God - God With Us
December 09, 2019

Our Mighty God is more powerful than all of our struggles, and Jesus came to take those struggles from us.

Wonderful Counselor - God With Us
December 03, 2019

Special guest Tony Merida, Pastor of Imago Dei Church in Raleigh, NC, visits IBC to start our new series.

Not Yours/The Grass Is Not Greener - Blueprint For Life
November 27, 2019

Pastor Ray Green closes our teaching series on our need for contentment within God's Providence.

Tell Me No Lies - Blueprint For Life
November 20, 2019

Pastor Ray Green tells us the damages of bearing false witness to our neighbors.

The Power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8) - Ray Green
November 14, 2019

Pastor Ray teaches us the power that Jesus gives us through the Holy Spirit.

Always Faithful - Blueprint For Life
November 04, 2019

Pastor Ray Green discusses the wrongness of adultery and our own selfish desires.