I Wasn't Listening

I Wasn't Listening

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The Catt Came Back - A MEGAN HALFISODE
October 14, 2015

This episode is another short one with Megan while Catt gets settled back in Iowa. Megan discusses her pop punk roots, plays some voicemails, and plays some tunes for your listening pleasure.    CALL AND LEAVE US VOICEMAILS! (985)...

October 07, 2015

This week, Megan goes stag and discusses pop punk and gross friendship. Catt leaves voicemails so we don't miss out on her perspective. Cool tunes and plans for the future! CALL AND LEAVE US VOICEMAILS! (985) 805-6737   HIT US UP ON...

Mermaid Joe Dirt-ette
October 01, 2015

In this ~personal-anecdote-centric episode of the pod, our hosts discuss what's going on in life, at work, and with feelings and lifestyle issues. Catt watches episode one of The Chris Gethard Show and it is discussed at length. She's the Man is...

We're in a Fight
September 23, 2015

On this episode, Megan and Catt butt heads on many different topics and issues. Also, a guest (who will be recurring in the future) makes his first appearance to help Megan tear Catt to shreds. Fun times are had. Technical difficulties are also...

Rad Rad Lady Angels
September 16, 2015

In this extra special 2nd episode, we talk rad ladies of our lives, everything lady-related, AND play a bunch of super sick music by some of Megan's fave artists, many of whom are Iowans. Megan forces Catt to watch wrestling, Catt forces Megan to...

September 09, 2015

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