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Dog Distros
April 01, 2019

Important topics from this episode: CBD, lightning immunity, dog distros, funny license plates, spectophila, and more.

Pretend Leap Year
March 02, 2019

Some years, there's a February 29th. Some years, there's a pretend February 29th. This is one of those years. In this episode, Shawn talks about an encounter with Dave Matthews bros in a local bar. Then,

Spiritual Taco Painting Classes
February 01, 2019

It's Hyper Nonsense! Your home for butterfly orgies, productivity explosions, and more! This episode we talk about a recent trip to the monarch butterfly grove in Pismo Beach. Shawn has a theory on beach-going,

Drunk Nerds Dancing
December 24, 2018

We went to Blizzcon 2018 in Anaheim, CA. - Also, some smart guy started a huge wildfire to celebrate having a boy? - Most importantly: Peppermint Choo Choo!

April 17, 2018

It's been a minute (or two) since we released an episode. But we've got some good reasons. And we cover them in this episode! - Jen got sick. Shawn got sick. And other stuff happened. - Jen talked about her new podcast and non-podcast ventures.

Sedative Hypnotics
October 08, 2017

Hyper Nonsense is (finally) back! And Jen's on the show, too! Tho, she didn't necessarily get to talk much. We started the show by reading about a new sleep medication Shawn is taking. Sleep eating. Sleepwalking. Sleep motorcycling?

Pres. Jim
August 20, 2017

Hyper Nonsense is back! And in an attempt to make things even more complicated, Shawn attempted to stream the show live over Facebook Live Audio. (And yes, it is another sad, depressing, solo show. Sorry?) Shawn is going to the upcoming Podcast Movemen...

Apple Cast 2017
July 27, 2017

It's time for the semi-annual Hyper Nonsense Apple Cast! Nathan joins the show via Skype. He and Shawn talk about all of the latest Apple-related stuff, including news, podcasts/websites, and what Apple products they're both using these days. -

Trying to Make Something in a Chaotic World
June 20, 2017

Hyper Nonsense has returned! In this episode, Shawn talks about the issues that had to be overcome with the Hyper Nonsense website, which is part of the reason why there hasn't been an episode in awhile. Jen is absent due to a recent heatwave that has ...

Totally Totaled
March 30, 2017

Squeaking in just barely by the end of the month, we're back! It's time for a new episode of Hyper Nonsense. With a special guest! All the way from London, England. It's Rowley from the DarkCompass podcast! During the show,