Hungry for Laughs!

Hungry for Laughs!

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Ep98: Hungry for Kolchak: The Night Stalker!
October 16, 2019

In episode 98, Chuck talks about Kolchak: The Night Stalker! This short-lived TV series from the 1970s is based on an unpublished novel The Kolchak Papers, and two TV movies The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler.

Ep97: Hungry for The Who!
October 02, 2019

In episode 97, Chuck sits down with Stephen Fieffer to talk about The Who! Stephen’s dad, David, was a huge Who fan; so, he and Chuck, and those close to David, had no choice but to be huge Who fans as well.

Ep96: Hungry for Battle of the Planets!
September 16, 2019

In episode 96, Chuck talks about Battle of the Planets! This animated TV series from the late 1970s is an adaptation of the Japanese animated (anime) series Gatchaman. Five young people, the members of G-Force,

Ep95: Hungry for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!
September 02, 2019

In episode 95, Chuck sits down with return guest Pat Nevis to talk about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! This show follows the wonderfully inappropriate misadventures of five lovable (?) characters as they try to get ahead in life (?).

Ep94: Hungry for Gyros!
August 16, 2019

In episode 94, Chuck talks about gyros! These pita sandwiches, or wraps, hold beef/lamb, pork, or chicken that is cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Then it’s topped with onions,  tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce. (and fries?

Ep93: Hungry for John Hughes!
August 02, 2019

In episode 93, Chuck talks over-the-phone with return guest Alan Kurtzweg to talk about John Hughes! John Hughes is the writer and/or director and/or producer of some of the most well-known comedies of the 1980s and 1990s.

Ep92: Hungry for Bruce Lee!
July 17, 2019

In episode 92, Chuck talks about Bruce Lee! Bruce Lee is considered by Chuck, and many others, to be the greatest martial artist of all time! Bruce died at the age of 32; and no, Muhammad Ali did not kill Bruce Lee—no matter what a past guest would hav...

Ep91: Hungry for Rome!
July 02, 2019

In episode 91, Chuck sits down with return guest Scott Glennon to talk about Rome! Scott was a study-abroad student in Rome! Italy’s capital has been around a long time; and there’s lots of history, in and around Rome, to explore.

Ep90: Hungry for Cryptids!
June 17, 2019

In episode 90, Chuck talks about cryptids! Cryptids are creatures whose existence is based mostly on anecdotal evidence—not Science! Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Chupacabra are some well-known cryptids.

Ep89: Hungry for Oaxaca!
June 02, 2019

In episode 89, Chuck talks over-the-phone with return guest Gabriella Van Leuven about Oaxaca! Oaxaca is a state in southwestern Mexico, and it’s the name of the state’s capital city. Gabriella and her family spent a month in Oaxaca in 2018!