H.U.E Podcast

H.U.E Podcast

Ep. 3 How Can I Teach a White Child to Challenge Racism without Guilt or Shame? – Pastor Jamey Johnson

December 30, 2020

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*SPECIAL NOTE - If you have not done so, please listen to the Introduction Episode of this series first. (scroll down)*

This is the third guest interview in the series: What Do We Tell The Children? How To Talk To A Child About Race and Identity.

In this episode Pastor Jamey Johnson uses a 3-teir model of "for-to-with" to distinguish between the ideology of opposing racism versus the action and sacrifice of fighting racism. He implores caregivers to honestly share the historical and current actions of white supremacy, and allow white children to fully process through responses of surprise, sadness, guilt, or shame as they are guided to the significance of loving your neighbor through word and action.

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The final episode of this series will be released in February.