H.U.E Podcast

H.U.E Podcast

Ep. 1 Transracial Adoption: How Can I Teach a Heritage That is Not My Own? – Brittany Salmon

December 17, 2020

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*SPECIAL NOTE - If you have not done so, please listen to the Introduction Episode of this series first. (scroll down)*

This is the first guest interview in the series: What Do We Tell The Children? How To Talk To A Child About Race and Identity.

In this episode, Brittany Salmon speaks to the dynamics of bridging the gap between a child's adoptive family of origin and the heritage(s) they are gifted with. While providing a clear, three-part framework to support caregivers, she also emphasizes the significance of caregivers identifying and decentering their own cultural heritage toward the goal of a multicultural home. Brittany's mix of candid advice and heartfelt encouragement inspires caregivers to confidently continue the humble pursuit of "better".

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The next episode with Rev. Darrell Gillespie will be released on Wednesday, December 23rd.