HTTP 203

HTTP 203

Latest Episodes

Changing jobs, Deno, and optimizing animations
June 29, 2022

Also testing image codecs, and how episodes of HTTP 203 end

Deno, dithering, and bathrooms
November 18, 2021

Transcript - Surma's talk about brain-click - Is Chrome removing view-source? (no) Studio lighting - Jake's Twitter thread about view-source - Bathroom designs The HTTP203 episode on Deno -

Is Safari the new IE?
August 10, 2021

And lots of tangents

When the hype train turns out to be a bus replacement service
April 22, 2021

Also image previews, performance, and WASM

Blog build tools, JS blocks, and opener-policy
January 26, 2021

Also, dog teeth, Jedi safety, and limescale

How does back/forward actually work, and does 'talent' even exist?
August 10, 2020

Also, active clothing protocols, hotel ratings, and hair.

The big build-tool bonanza
July 09, 2020

The present and future of webpack, Rollup, and Parcel

How to avoid getting UTF'd by text encodings
May 08, 2020

And how to be DOM-ready for anything.

Maths, hooks, and errors
April 30, 2020

Plus cats, getting old, and Countdown

Apps vs sites, binary data, and build times
April 15, 2020

And an epic status code quiz