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The H-Train Show- Cello artist Ollella joins us
August 23, 2021

What the?- There are two Army e-4’s that while off duty got trapped behind enemy lines. Thes bad mamba jambas E and E’d themselves back to the friendly side. Promote above peers. Interview of the week

The H-Train Show-We talk with Larry from Hometown Hero”s Outdoors
August 16, 2021

What the ?- We read a powerful moving essay written by Griff with Combat Flip Flops from the perspective of the Taliban. It was pretty harsh to read. Interview of the Week- We dont normally repeat a g

The H-Train Show Patrick Nelson -Pat Tillman Military Scholar
August 09, 2021

What the- Did you hear about the flight attendant who loves duct tape and hate unruly passengers. You probably should not touch him. Interview of the week- We hear the story of Patrick Nelson and how

The H-Train Show- Ally joins us
August 02, 2021

Tonight we had H-Train, Willy filling in for Rob, and Pipes in the studio. Not all things go as planned, and we didn’t end up connecting with our interview tonight. Thankfully, Ally stepped in with a

The H-Train Show is joined by Dave from Trac-Fab
July 26, 2021

Tonight we had Htrain, Willy sitting in for Rob, Pipes, and Swiss in the studio. We interviewed Dave Kennedy from Trac Fab, makers of  tracked mobility chairs for disabled veterans. We heard a lot of

The H-Train Show- Dream Thief Musician Daniel Taylor joins us
July 19, 2021

Today’s show we have Dream Thief musician and USMC Daniel Taylor as our Interview of the week. We ask him what his favorite crayon flavor was and how he got into music.   Our What The… Segment, The To

The H-Train Show Randy Almquist Veterans Whiskey Society
July 12, 2021

What the?- We talk about tan Army LTCOL who lived the life we all wanted Interview of the Week- Our new best friend is Randy Almquist, he is holding Whiskey tastings to raise money for Veterans Dear A

The H-Train Show ComeBack Yoga joins us
July 05, 2021

What the?- National Guard soldiers are deploying to the southern border and its funded by a private billionaire. This is more than just a slippery slope Interview of the week- We had a very interactiv

The H-Train Show- David Rozelle, Colonel (retired) US Army joins us
June 28, 2021

    What the ?- Our own Fort Carson has a soldier thats been named Ms Colorado and is going to the  Ms America, We need more positive stories from the veteran world   Interview of the week- We had an

The H-Train Show- AllysaysNOPE Joins us TIKTOK Famous VSO
June 21, 2021

  What the?- What a show tonight! We talked about a dude who can do backflips while he dunks his cookies, ( yeah you read that right)   Interview of the week- One of our best interviews ever, we talk to @allysaysnope from Tik Tok,