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The H-Train Show Danger Close Golf joins us
November 08, 2021

What the?- The festival that killed 8 people and injured hundreds, the fist fight at a football game, flight attendants being attacked. We have a conversation about the rise in violence in our nation.

The H-Train Show- Marine Rapper “Lets Go Brandon” #1 on Itunes
November 01, 2021

What the?- We watched a video about a carjacking and a mom who handled business Interview of the week- It wasnt till the end of the show but we talked to Raymond Lott AKA The Marine Rapper about his t

The H-Train Show- Rought Ryders MC joins us Sean and Bernie
October 25, 2021

What the-? We discussed how sh*t happens some times and literally it could fall from the sky, on your head while gardening.   Interview of the week.  Rough Riders MC and BigHorn Auto putting on a coat

The H-Train Show – Doctor Carl Bonnett @klarisana.ketamine clinic joins us
October 18, 2021

  What the?- We had a conversation about LTC Scherling and the O vs E levels of punishments. Interview of the Week- We have waited a long time to have our friend Doctor Carl Bonnett with Klarissanna K

The H-Train Show- Golden Root Acupuncture joins us
October 11, 2021

What the?- For some reason H wants to talk about the debacle with Southwest Airlines, and a dad who helps out his special needs son in a really strange way   Interview of the week- We talk to our new

The H-Train Show- Ian D Stochl Energetic Materials Chemist joins us
October 04, 2021

What the? – is Facebook being down all day a good thing. Yeah Probably. Interview of the Week- We talk to Ian and get an unexpected story of just how much the VA sucks. Oh, and he blows things up for

The H-Train Show-Coffey Anderson-Sarah Rudder- Warrior Now
September 27, 2021

What the ?- we have a packed show, we talk to Mr Coffee Anderson, the singer of ” Mr Red white and Blue” it was a moving and inspirational talk. Interview of the week #1- We talked to Warrior Now abou

The H-Train Show- Matt Anderson Veteran Golf Pro
September 20, 2021

What the ****? – We cover the Gabby Petito story that is developing in Florida and across the country. Interview of the week – We talk to Capt. Matt Anderson of the Salute Military Golf Assosiation ab

SageTarius Show
September 17, 2021

This is DJ Sag E. Tarius  AKA DSET. After a hard long day, or a moment you want to sit back,  I want you to be able to “RESET WITH DSET” to start your day over with nothing but the hits from the 70s o

The H-Train Show Degenerates Drinking Coffee
September 13, 2021

The H-Train Show featuring Special Guest Host DJ Roddy from the Blaque Sugra Radio (Tuesdays @ 1700MST).  Today’s show special guest interviews are Nick Ginter from Degenerates Drinking Coffee and Kyl