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The H-Train Show- The Ronin Foundation joins us
May 09, 2022

  WTF- We never actually got to the WTF moment, we were all to blown away watching H eat a Kiwi, ya know… since we eat all healthy around here. Interview of the Week- D from the Ronin Foundation had t

The H-Train Show- Warriors & Whiskey Joins us
May 02, 2022

  Hatchet’s Thoughts…   Today was a great show.  We learned today that Leadership is a huge impact on the well being on the Military’s backbone. Plus, Warriors and Whiskey make a huge push for veteran

The H-Train Show Daniel Tyminski joins us
April 25, 2022

What the-? Violence has a place. Who the Heck pokes Mike Tyson and is then surprised when you get punched? Dont tug on Supermans cape and dont spit into the wind. Interview of the week- We Kinda talke

The H-Train Show- Mark Stallins National Honor Tour – Fort Logan joins us
April 18, 2022

  WTF- Not your normal WTF , We had Jeremy Roadrucker talk about military parenting. All military parents can use some support so give his book a look.   Interview of the week- We almost never have an

The H-Train Show- The Veterans Trust joins us
April 04, 2022

  WTF?- It was a straight 26 minutes of yo mam jokes. Thank you to our listening audience for the ones we could not share on air. Interview of the Week- We talk to Fred Rodger, not the guy who wants t

The H-Train Show- Pancakes for Roger-Susan Combs
March 28, 2022

WTF?- It was the slap heard round the world. It brings to light the pressures and stressors that men are under and how they react to things. Naturally in a room full of veterns, we support violence.  

The H-Train Show- Douglas County Vets Memorial Fund joins us
March 21, 2022

  WTF?- well…. we had something to talk about, but H brought up a much better subject . We talked about burnout and some ways to deal with it.   Interview of the week- We had a conversation with a man

The H-Train Show – Project ML-Gratitude Veteran Motorcycle Give Away joins us
March 14, 2022

What the?- H tells us the 5 rules of flying, and then we talk about how the Denver VA is falling apart. Nice job VA leadership   Interview of the week-  We like motorcycles, and people like Project ML

The H-Train Show- Marcus Institute for Brain Health joins us
March 12, 2022

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The H-Train Show- The Elizabeth Hospice Joins us
February 28, 2022

WTF?-  Nothing warms our cold dead hearts like older veterans getting their recognition. Congrats to the good SGT for earning his golden spurs. Cause if you aint cav……. Interview of the week- Sometime